Accreditation report presented to Moffat County School Board


In other action …

At it’s regular meeting Thursday, the Moffat County School Board:

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 1501, Community Based Funding.

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 5105, Equal Education Opportunities

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 5515, Sexual Harassment

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 1111, Accreditation

• Unanimously approved the first reading of policy 4231, Administration Salary Schedule

• Unanimously approved superintendent, Dr. Joe Petrone, to sit on the Economic Development Partnership Board.

In a presentation to the Moffat County School Board on Thursday night, assistant superintendent Brent Curtice had good things to report about the district’s accreditation.

Identified by four performance indicators within performance frameworks, schools receive ratings in the area of academic achievement, academic growth, academic growth gaps, and postsecondary and workforce readiness.

Performance indicator ratings were exceeds, meets, approaching and does not meet.

Points and ratings were assigned at every indicator. Below 30 percent classified as turnaround, 33-47 percent classified as priority improvement, 47-69 percent classified as improvement and 60 percent or above classified as performance.

The district was accredited with improvement. Sandrock, Craig Middle School and East Elementary were accredited with performance. Moffat County High School and Ridgeview were accredited with improvement. Sunset was accredited with priority improvement and Maybell is still in appeal for processing.

In presenting the data, Curtice said the district would be analyzing the performance framework reports, then reviewing their unified improvement plan and updating it to meet needs.

Curtice said a major part of this would be aligning curriculum, which is Understanding by Design.

“Without a unified curriculum, we can’t establish where the gaps are,” said Curtice. “We received the report a couple of days ago and have been compiling it. Now we need to digest it, dig deeply and look at root causes of what went well, what didn’t go so well and where we might have slipped.”

Curtice then proceeded to present the district’s performance on TCAP, using data compiled by the Colorado Department of Education.

The CDE’s Colorado growth model used blue bubbles to represent Moffat County School District’s individual schools achievement and growth.

To view breakdowns of numbers and rates of achievement and growth visit

“Without great leadership we’re not going to move,” said Curtice, “The blue bubbles are moving because of the leadership team we have here.”

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