Derrick Ferguson: MCHS teachers 'overly devoted'


To the editor:

To those questioning the commitment of our teachers, I find it comical that you think the teachers of the community have the equivalent of a 'full time job' or 'a business to run.'

I am an '09 grad of MCHS. I have experienced the phenomenal tutelage of most of the current staff as well as many of the retirees, and close to all of those writing in.

I remember late nights with Katy Gray in the Journalism room putting out the latest issue of the PostScript and getting into my car well after dark. Or Liane Davis-Kling as my homeroom teacher, giving me resources to further my love of politics.

Or, there is Eric Hansen coach of the Speech and Debate team. I spent more time with him via practice and tournaments than my own parents.

These people were not only great friends, but surrogate family, and it wasn't because I spent my daily allotted time between bells with them.

These people are so overly devoted to their students it's a wonder they can have a loved one at home. These are great examples of excellent teachers, but they are not the only ones at MCHS that meet that standard.

To say you have ANY grounds to question these teacher's devotion because they don't sit on a panel so they can feel like they are legislating something assures me you know far too little. Perhaps you should get a guest pass from the office and spend a week in their classrooms.

Shadow one of them. Give them a time card for when they start working on lesson plans in the morning to when they go to bed having just exhausted themselves with the latest grant they applied the school for.

We belong to one of, if not the worst funded district in the state. Our teachers are forced to spend their own money, and not just $20.

Until you have the same degree of commitment to the students to be involved IN the classroom and not just on some committee, sit down and raise your hand to speak. Otherwise, you're just distracting the rest of the class.

Derrick Ferguson

Class of 2009


jenmwaite 4 years, 7 months ago

Extremely well written- Those teachers must have taught you a little something ; ) So wonderful of you to write this. This is absolutely true of the teachers that I had while I was at school in Moffat County. Not to mention being a teacher now. No one can truly understand the demands on a teacher until they are doing the job. There have been many, many times that I have wanted to thank all the teachers that I had through K-12, because I truly had no idea what they were doing for me. Sometimes I look at my kids through eyes that graded all night the night before and hope that they will realize the same thing and how much we as teachers truly care about them. Thank you Derrick! You warmed my heart as a former Moffat County student as well as a Teacher.


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