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Clyde the elk passes away at Wyman Museum

Craig has lost a unique member of its community. The Wyman Living History Museum’s Clyde the elk died Saturday afternoon, leaving behind a legacy of friendliness to employees and visitors that lasted throughout his eight years there. The elk, born on the Wyman Elk ranch in 1994, came to the museum when it opened in 2004 and had been there to entertain visitors every day since. His draw was strong for anyone visiting the museum for the first time, but he was a favorite of children coming on field trips from the local schools.

Derrick Ferguson: MCHS teachers 'overly devoted'

To the editor: To those questioning the commitment of our teachers, I find it comical that you think the teachers of the community have the equivalent of a 'full time job' or 'a business to run.' I am an '09 grad of MCHS. I have experienced the phenomenal tutelage of most of the current staff as well as many of the retirees, and close to all of those writing in. I remember late nights with Katy Gray in the Journalism room putting out the latest issue of the PostScript and getting into my car well after dark. Or Liane Davis-Kling as my homeroom teacher, giving me resources to further my love of politics.

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Moffat County United Way and local banks team up to gather donations for food bank

Most people count on opening their fridge or pantry and finding food in it. Worrying about the next meal and feeling hungry is something often assigned to those in poverty-stricken third world countries. But the reality is there are regular families going hungry in communities in America, and Craig is no different. That’s why the Moffat County United Way has teamed up with local banks to help restock the Inter-Faith Food Bank in Craig.

LaVan Stehle: Kindness appreciated

To the editor: We would like to Thank everyone for the food, flowers, calls, cards and prayers we received during the passing of our Dad, Clyde.

On The Record for Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

On The Record for Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

Senior Spotlight for September 24, 2012

I don't usually watch television much, but I decided to see what was on. I got on channel 6 and Lawrence Welk was on, the theme for his program was remembering the Big Bands — Leo Brown, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey to name a few. I enjoyed the music, brought memories flooding back. I used to sing along with who even was singing on the radio and told myself I was really good when even I managed to hit the high notes.

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Casey's Pond Senior Living hires marketing officer

Casey's Pond Senior Living will provide a range of living accommodations for residents who live independently as well as for those who can benefit from supportive services.

Park Service defends refusal to use wolves to control elk population

(AP) — The National Park Service acted properly when it ruled out using wolves to control the elk population in Rocky Mountain National Park, government lawyers argued Thursday before a federal appeals court. The government also defended the use of trained volunteers to help Park Service employees shoot and kill excess elk, saying it didn't violate a hunting ban in national parks. In a hearing before the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a law student representing the wildlife advocacy group WildEarth Guardians argued the Park Service did not give enough consideration to the wolf option and rejected it without giving the public a chance to comment. The group also said letting volunteers shoot elk instead of limiting the shooting to Park Service employees was tantamount to hunting.