Rosemary Potter: 'A traitor in the White House'


To the editor:

If you've never voted in your life before, you absolutely need to vote this time!

We have a traitor in the white house, and we have to get him out of there.

Consider only a few of the facts:

  1. Obama released classified national security secrets to the New York Times, which published them, to the benefit of the Islamic Republic of Iran - the sworn enemy of the United States, and to Israel our only ally in the volatile Middle East. People used to land in prison for such betrayal!

  2. Obama granted the EPA the power to levy an energy tax on American businesses without passing a law through Congress. (The law he tried to pass failed by a wide margin, so he just mandated the "regulatory tax" anyway.) How's that bit of arrogant dictatorship for raising your fuel bill?

  3. Obama's Healthcare system will be a fulfillment of Vladimir Lenin's statement, "Socialized medicine in the keystone to the arch of the socialist state." This horrible bill includes a 15-person non-elected board which will determine who is eligible for care and who is not. Surveys show that 83percent of America's doctors are thinking about quitting because of Obamacare. How is that going to impact whether you get to see your doctor or not - especially with 30,000,000 new people added to the system?

  4. Obama has raised the national debt to $16 trillion. He keeps the printing of dollars going on in unprecedented quantities - which of course, dramatically reduces their buying power, both at home and overseas. Great inflation is coming!

  5. Obama's Chicago-style politics is busy. His strategy is to pass and protect illegal alien sanctuary laws, so they can stay in the country to vote. He has filed lawsuits to block states from trying to clean up dirty voter registration lists. His policy is to attack states in court that try to pass Voter ID laws!

These are blatant and corrupt attacks on our voting system!

Very few in Congress or the Courts are willing to stand up to this tyrant. It's up to "We, The People" by our votes on November 6. You must be registered if you're going to exercise that priceless privilege, payed for by blood.

You can register on line by Googling "Register to Vote," or you can go to the courthouse, the high school, the Drivers license office, or Social Services. October 9 is the deadline.

Just do it! Evil prevails when good people do nothing!

Rosemary Potter


fergy131 4 years, 6 months ago

-I forgot how Iran used what they learned out of their subscription of the NYT to destroy us and Israel. Oh wait. Literally NOTHING of the status quo with our relationship with Iran has changed. -My fuel bill is fine... It is one dictated by free market principals. I know I certainly didn't see a bump in price after its passage. Which obviously would not pass in the republican controlled House which was trying to block Obama on ANYTHING. It is also within his power as executive to pass or allow the passage of regulatory fees. Tyrant? He followed the rules... -83% of doctors are considering quitting medicine because of Obamacare huh? I'm curious what surveys these were because here, the conservative slope of Colorado, with family involved in medicine I have yet to meet one. -The Fed is in charge of interest rates and printing currency, and part of the debt - not all I'll grant you- is due to republican posturing and a focus on lowering taxes without adequately cutting spending. Particularly on two wars. (Also it was the Republican blockade on raising the debt ceiling that led to doubts of our solvency and our downgraded credit rating, which affects the value of our currency.) -There are almost no recorded incidents of in person voter fraud. Most of the fraud is along the lines of a wife signing for her husband on an absentee ballot because he forgot to. It is Republican legislatures across the board pushing for voter ID laws because it lowers the number of ethnic voters (yes legal ones) who vote almost exclusively Democrat. If it isn't a political play to lower the number of liberal voters, it certainly seems like one. It's one heck of a coincidence its almost exclusively in battle ground states where Obama can win, and all are held by Republican legislatures...


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