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A lack of funding for education has taken center stage at the national, state and local levels. In Craig there are three community organizations dedicated to improving education both inside and outside of the classroom. Yet, in a time when our own Moffat County School District is yelling poverty, it’s interesting to note that not one teacher or administrator is active on any of the community boards. Teachers: where is your commitment to excellence?

On Sept. 4 the Craig Middle School football team played host to Rawlins Middle School at the CMS football field during the opening game of the season.

In addition to the scoreboard not working, members of the editorial board witnessed a number of Rawlins parents complain about the condition of the bleachers.

They were so bad one visiting parent drove to Samuelson True Value Hardware and Lumber, and returned with what looked like every roll of duct tape Samuelson’s had in stock.

Rawlins parents then proceeded to wrap tape around the bleacher seats in an effort to keep splinters at bay and to make the seats comfortable enough to sit on through the game’s entirety.

This is embarrassing to say the least.

Currently there are three community organizations dedicated to improving education in Moffat County, including The Bulldog Booster Club, Maximum Commitment to Excellence Committee and Friends of Moffat County Education.

In his letter marking the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year, MCSD superintendent Joe Petrone said the three community organizations were comprised of “convincing and committed groups of parents, business leads, civil servants and community leaders.”

But there appears to be one faction noticeably absent from participation in these community organizations, teachers.

The editorial board is not trying to take anything away from the teaching profession. We know it isn’t easy and the work you folks do is nothing short of admirable.

But if you think your contribution to education begins and ends with the daily school bells, we contend that’s not enough.

In a time when almost every school district in the country is yelling poverty few solutions are presented outside of increased funding.

MCSD is not poverty-stricken, not by a long shot.

According to its fiscal year 2012-2013 budget MCSD is sitting on more than $10 million in reserve funds, including more than $1 million for capital improvements.

And yet the school district doesn’t have a problem with sending its students out to panhandle in the community whenever there is a need for school supplies, athletic uniforms or better technology for teachers.

How often do teachers contribute $20, $30 or $40 to these causes? Why is there not one teacher or administrator active on one of the three local community boards?

If we’re going to have all of this dedication from the community the editorial board contends the school district needs to dedicate some of its time, people and financial resources to itself.

This is for the kids.

Where is your commitment to excellence?


someguy 4 years, 7 months ago

You can't have it both ways ... You cannot hang this around the teacher's necks and give a free pass to the administration, even though your trying very hard to do just that.

Let me ask you this: Where is your commitment to your educational system Al Cashion? Where is your commitment to the children? You say "The editorial board is not trying to take anything away from the teaching profession.", yet you go right ahead and run those same teachers into the dirt without looking at those who control the purse strings. This lacks any degree of class or understanding of the situation.

This is what happens when the community (or newspaper) that a school system serves, relentlessly hounds the teachers, and gives the administration a free pass, time and time again.

I'm embarrassed that it takes a football game; not State scores, not graduation rates, not college entrance rates, not student learning, not drugs, not teen pregnancy, not number of students per class ... none of these things seem to matter, as long as you have a nice football field and a good game to watch.

You want excellence, how about you show up to the school board meetings, get involved w/ the teachers and coaches and demand it? Why don't you contribute $20, $30, $40 to this? It's for the kids, where is your commitment to excellence Al?

The teachers do not set the budget, nor do they handle staffing levels or controll funding of any kind. I don't think that they are in charge of the football field or the bleachers either. You should redirect your disappointment to the school board and administration, where it aptly belongs.They waste more money than you could possible understand, yet they seem to always get the free pass. It must be the teachers.

Where is your commitment to excellence Al? To me you look like that monkey sitting on one side of the fence flinging poo just for a laugh.

I'm off to go find something else to blame the teachers for ... how about water being wet. I really hate that the water is wet, must be the teacher's fault, but I'm not blaming the teachers.


eek008 4 years, 7 months ago

As far as "commitment to excellence" If I was grading this article and the "facts" printed to be true... it would receive a big fat "F"

This article was extremely harsh on all the teachers of the Moffat County School District. I am proud to know many of the teachers and I can say proudly that they care a great deal about their students and their success in academics, athletics, and all other extra activities. This article was completely uncalled for.

However, just as this article was filled with incorrect facts the names of the board members printed on the article did not reflect the opinions or writers behind it. Al was not in attendance for that meeting nor had anything to do with the article. They print the board member names on the article by alphabetical order... lucky Al... his name starts with an "A"


truthhurts 4 years, 7 months ago

Ignorance by definition is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). aka....the editorial board.

Only one organization of the three mentioned would be able to assist with an athletic need like the bleachers. The bulldog booster club. Unfortunately the school has no say in how those funds are dispersed.

The editorial board has made a habit of throwing anyone and everyone they can under the proverbial bus. I for one am sick of it and will react by doing the only thing I can. I will be canceling my insurance with Mr. Cashion and not renewing my CDP subscription. Boycott the ignorance!


AbaloneLivaMan 4 years, 7 months ago

 In response to "Commitment to Excellence"  As a teacher, I am committed to excellence.  I have a Master's degree and continually take classes to improve my teaching skills.  I would lay down my life for any one of my students.  I care that much for my past and present students.
 As for how much money I spend out of pocket for my students and classroom, I have never bothered to keep track.  But I can estimate over $50 a month -- easy.  That does not include all the fundraisers that I contribute to as well. This includes Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, 5K's, clubs, and so forth.  I am a member of the Booster Club too.

What about the time I spend? I start getting my classroom ready on August 1st. I work a few hours everyday unpaid until the 27th. I if I don't have to go in on a Saturday or Sunday during the school year I am amazed. I leave for work at 6:30 am and stay to 5:00 on a regular basis. Should I mention the time I am wasting right now because I feel I have to write a rebuttal to your article. So writer of this article, I don't know for the life of me why you would go after teachers. We are the grunts in the trenches. We are the ones who bare our souls, and get our hearts torn apart. We have sleepless nights fretting over our students. Dang, have you got it wrong.


bjacobson 4 years, 7 months ago

The most recent editorial opinion written by the Craig Daily Press regarding Commitment to Excellence contained some errors that I would like to explain and apologize for. This opinion piece stated that teachers are noticeably absent from community organizations committed to excellence in education In Moffat County.Fact is, there are indeed teachers, counselors, assistant principals, the athletic director, the assistant superintendent, the superintendent and board members involved in the three such community organizations. This editorial in particular had many things that went awry. First and foremost a mistake was made in formulating the opinion based on information provided to us by one individual. The normal process for our editorial board is to gather information from each source in every situation; we simply didn't do that in this case.In addition, all board members were not present for the entire discussion and therefore the opinion written was not a true representation of the editorial board. I make mistakes sometimes and I believe this is one of my largest to date and I am sure I will make some in the future. I personally feel like the majority of teachers and staff members employed by the Moffat County School District are committed to improving the results. I know they donate far more than $20, $30 or $40 simply in the management of the education of our children.I apologize for any problems this piece may have caused and I look forward to seeing our school system progress forward in achieving a higher standard.

Bryce Jacobson Editor/Publisher


acc007 4 years, 7 months ago

I'm sorry. Administrators, Teachers MCSD employees and the citizens of Moffat County, I ask your forgiveness. I would love to exonerate myself as much as possible but the teachers, Administration and the citizens of Craig do not deserve the pallid response of an excuse. I had the responsibility of due diligence as well as the rest of the board. I am never the author of the editorials but it is our responsibility to approve before print. I will say the perceived opinion reflected in the article is not my own. I'm not sure that it accurately reflected anyone's opinion as severely as it appeared. I know many teachers and some administrators. Some quite well. Some are very close friends. I haven't a negative opinion of these and not enough personal knowledge of others to have formed unfavorable views. The accusational substance of the piece deserves no regard. My guilt, my part, however, is undeniable. I did not do my job. I am truly sorry. I ask forgiveness. Should you desire to talk with (or at ) me, I welcome your contact. 629.9629 cell 826.0545 office acashion@amfam.com


acc007 4 years, 7 months ago

Sorry again! ACC007 is not "Anonymous". I don't even know him. Trying to edit.

Al Cashion


boy101 4 years, 7 months ago

Let me see CDP and AL, YOU have attacked the Fire Board, the City Council, the Hospital, and now all of our Teachers. WOW, do you think anybody in this community does a good job other than, of course, yourselves. AL , you have been on this editorial board since January and one would expect that you know how it works by now. What a poor excuse your response was! CDP, Bryce, and AL "The Perception is" in this community, you all are KOOKS! CDP, what a poor representation of our community you are.


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