Darryl Willshire: Vote for Kinkaid


To the editor:

Who’s Dave?

I would like to give my support to John Kinkaid for county commissioner. I have known John for several years and I believe he truly cares about our community and our country.

John's campaign signs read, "Honest and Humble," I have found this to be a true statement.

I ask you to take a look at the competitors signs, they simply say vote for Dave, Dave who?

I find it interesting that some of the people that have written in to support "Dave" have included his last name, Why? Doesn't everyone know?

I believe these signs show arrogance and that is the last thing we need in Craig for our commissioner. Cast your vote along with mine for John Kinkaid.

Darryl Willshire


greenie52 4 years, 5 months ago

Dave is one of the good ole boys and needs some extra money in his pocket to help his buisness out other then that everything will stay the same in the county.


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