News for Friday, October 26, 2012



Police look at Colo. teen in 2 other child cases

Police in a Colorado town where the body of a missing 10-year-old girl was found said Friday that they want to question a teenage suspect in two unsolved child enticement cases. A sketch developed in the September incidents bears some resemblance to 17-year-old Austin Sigg, who’s being held on suspicion of first-degree murder and kidnapping in the death of Jessica Ridgeway, Arvada police spokesman Sgt. Mark Nazaryk said. The sketch and Sigg’s mug shot wasn’t an exact match, Nazaryk noted. He also said investigators were trying to determine if Sigg had access to a royal blue, four-door sedan described by witnesses in both cases.

4th quarter belongs to Broncos in a big way

Some teams like to say the fourth quarter is theirs. The Denver Broncos are taking it to a different level. With Peyton Manning putting a new spin on the art of the comeback almost every week and the Denver defense doing its part to keep him in every game, the Broncos have outscored their opponents 79-6 in the fourth quarter this season. The 73-point differential is 37 points better than the next best team, the New York Giants, and is the second-highest total through six games in the Super Bowl era. Only the 1980 Detroit Lions, who finished 9-7, had a better differential at this point in the season, according to STATS LLC. The ‘80 Lions outscored teams 84-10. Or course, some of Denver’s strong finishes have come out of necessity — make that, desperation — because of slow starts that have also become a trademark of this team early in the year. The Broncos have been outscored 98-42 in the first half. The slow starts have caused handwringing, while the fast finishes have kept Denver (3-3) competitive and, at times, triggered huge sighs of relief.

John Williams: Liberals the problem in Congress

Letter writer John Egan has a lot to say about the gridlock and the failure of a conservative Congress to do anything. Since one of the most important subjects for the current administration has been jobs let me point something out to Mr. Egan about how this was handled by the liberal side. I am sure we can all remember the great pretense made By President Obama about the GOP and its failure to pass his jobs bill. Here is how it worked, President Obama wondered around the country in his CANADIAN made bus paid for by American taxpayer money while promoting American jobs that might have been saved if taxpayers would have bought an American made bus. This whole trip was spent castigating the GOP for not signing his jobs bill, said bill was quietly being held hostage by Senator Harry Reid in the Senate where there were no Democrat takers to sponsor the bill.

Jeremy Browning: Letters to Editor

The signs around town say, "Vote Dave." But when I think of the race for Moffat County Commissioner, the phrase that comes to mind is "Hire Dave." There's plenty of county business to be done, decisions that need to be made, projects that need direction and pitfalls that must be avoided. And thanks to our representative form of government, each of us can focus primarily on our own business and our own lives while public servants and elected officials do much of our work for us. In that sense, voting is essentially a hiring decision. And we can't go wrong by hiring Dave DeRose.

Energy Diet: Make home comfort a priority

The Northwest Colorado Energy Diet Challenge is a tool that encourages us to take steps to reduce our energy usage and thus reduce how much we pay in our monthly energy bills. The Energy Diet Challenge checklist includes a number of “Do Right Away” action items under the “Nice & Easy” category. This week, we take a look at some of those possibilities.

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Discussion on weighted classes brought before Board of Education

Although only a discussion at this point, Moffat County High School administration is looking into adding honors and advanced placement, AP classes, on a weighted grading scale.

Halloween Safety Tips

The following is a list of Halloween safety tips from the Craig Police Department

Club 20 hosts Caucus in Moffat County

The Club 20 Moffat County Caucus didn’t see any drama Friday as members Ray Beck, Audrey Danner and Bob Johnson were unanimously reelected to their positions for the next two years as voting director and alternates. As voting director, Beck is responsible for representing Moffat County within Club 20 and for casting Moffat County’s vote based on member’s preferences. Club 20 is a coalition of individuals, businesses, organizations and communities in Western Colorado’s twenty-two counties. The club was created 59 years ago when business leaders from the western slope got together for the common cause of lobbying the state for more funds to pave roads. At the time 50 percent of all roads in Colorado were in western Colorado, but the region only received 10 percent of the state’s funding for roads.

Over A Cup: Diane’s Favorite Pumpkin Cake

For the past three days I’ve been searching the house for my favorite pumpkin bread recipe. It’s especially delicious because of the filling. I’ve checked my files more than once and have looked in every recipe book I own (in case I put the recipe in one of them), but I can’t find it. Maybe later… Yesterday when I was at the grocery store, I met up with a reader who wondered if I had a recipe for a pumpkin roll, a cake filled with cream cheese and then rolled up. Her request was interesting because I had a conversation with someone else that morning about a pumpkin roll. She didn’t have a recipe for it, either, and neither do I. So, if you have such a recipe that you’d like to share, please call or write to me. Meanwhile, since I’ve been featuring pumpkin recipes, here’s a favorite “Pumpkin Cake” recipe of mine (although the “Pumpkin Pie Cake” in a recent column is also very good). This recipe can also be used to make pumpkin bars, if you use a jelly roll sheet.

On The Record for Friday, Oct. 26

On The Record for Friday, Oct. 26

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Moffat county cross country ready for state meet

Now is the time Moffat County runners hope a season of training pays off. With a regional title under their belts, the girls cross country team left Craig for Colorado Springs Friday morning to get ready for the Colorado High School Cross Country Championship Saturday. In their noon race, the girls will be looking to bring home another trophy and return to Craig as state champions. Head coach Todd Trapp has calibrated the team’s training since regionals Oct. 17 to put them in the best position he can for the final race.

Frank Moe: Vote for Bob Rankin

A vote for Bob Rankin for State House District 57 is a vote for coal! Bob Rankin is a fiscal and constitutional conservative. He is an engineer and businessman who has spend his career creating jobs and meeting payrolls. Bob Rankin will support small businesses, teachers, public schools and most importantly, students. Bob Rankin feels if we do not have a strong economy, we are limiting EVERYONE'S ability to succeed.

Jim Gardner: Modern day deer hunters

I grew up hearing the stories of my Dad and Grandpa Art at the homestead on Douglas Mountain in Moffat County, Colorado. Much of their diet consisted of venison and the garden vegetables they harvested. I was intrigued at a young age by the deer hunting tales told by Dad. My first hunt was on Douglas Mountain. Dad and I drove up there in a 1950 Chevy. We stayed with Pete Perusic, an old bachelor, who homesteaded on Douglas Mountain in the early 1900s. There was no plumbing or electricity of course.

Board of Education approves action items

The Moffat County School District Board of Education approved all action items Thursday.