Shannan Koucherik: Small businesses can succeed


To the editor:

I was interested to read your recent special section about small businesses surviving in Craig.

While neither presidential candidate has put forward his definition of a "small business," it's easy to see driving around Craig, that most businesses fall into that category. It takes a lot of vision, courage and determination to start and run a true small business.

Each business faces its own challenges on a daily basis and the owners put in many more hours than are shown on the signs on the door. They don't have the luxury of regular days off or guaranteed paychecks.

When we built our business seven years ago, we were faced with naysayers who told us it would never work and bankers without vision who weren't willing to step out of their comfort zone. It is a lot of hard work and long hours, but we are proud to stand with other small business owners and we truly appreciate our loyal customers who have come even though the "experts" said they never would.

Hopefully the new Small Business Incubator will make things a bit easier for those aspiring entrepreneurs who are seeking their niche today.


Shannan Koucherik

Honey Rock Dogs Boarding Kennel


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