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Small business loan environment not impossible

Craig bankers advise entrepreneurs on how to successfully secure a startup loan

Throughout the 2012 campaign season one theme has dominated the political landscape more than any other at both the state and national levels, the economy. While members on one side of the aisle champion a plan to cut the deficit through increased taxes, the other side argues for less government spending. But many Craig business and financial professionals do not believe either party has a firm grasp on how to improve the economy and put Americans back to work. “The bottom line is we can’t tax our way out of this recession and we can’t cut our way out of this recession,” said Betsy Nauman-Cook, director of the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership. “We have to grow our way out of this recession.”

Jane Yazzie: Vote for Baxter

Jo Ann Baxter of Craig, retired secondary school teacher and dean and former president of the Moffat County School Board, is campaigning for the Colorado House District 57 seat that would represent Garfield, Rio Blanco and Moffat counties. Jo Ann received public attention in 2005 and 2006 when, as school board leader, she was able to represent consensus and trust to Moffat County voters who passed a school bond initiative in November 2006. Jo Ann, a Democrat in a Republican-dominated county, was wonderful in that important request for public support, listening to citizen group, even individual citizens, answering their questions of whether increased public money (bonds) would be spent wisely and used to bolster students' safety and learning. The passage of the bond issue was a victory for all the county's people.

Laura S. Day: Puzzling things

I have lived in Craig since 2003, and love this community. There are some things, however, that puzzle me: 1) At the bottom of Ashley Road there is a three-way intersection with only one stop sign. There are no yield signs or other means to show which of the two other directions has right of way. The way people just drive through. It's an accident waiting to happen, and when it does, there is the potential for serious injury. Shouldn't there be at least one more stop sign to prevent this? 2) On First Street, by Lamplighter Trailer Park, there is a passing zone. One morning, as I was trying to turn left (and yes, my blinker was on a block ahead of my turn), I was passed on the left by someone in a pickup truck who obviously was more concerned with passing than the fact that s/he almost hit me. Why is the passing zone right there, and not just a little further east?

Rosemary Potter: Vote Obama out

The differences between President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney are striking. They are polar opposites on vital issues that have to do with our everyday lives. Romney says "YES" on the following: Repeal Obamacare, 20 percent across-the-board income tax cut, balanced budget amendment, and the defense of marriage. Obama says "No" to all of the these.

On The Record for Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

On The Record for Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

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Treasures abound at local thrift stores

Craig has become a hub of competition for an unlikely business-type: thrift stores. With a few thrift stores already in place for years, three more have opened in Craig in the past 15 months, making the city a hot spot for the shopper looking for great deals or unusual items. Without the massive infrastructure of an organization like Goodwill or the Salvation Army, Craig residents have nonetheless dived into the thrift store business. For those owners, the businesses started for a variety of different reasons and at different times in their lives, but one characteristic is similar: a love for thrift.

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Big O Tires doing well in 1st month of business

Having been open for a little under a month, Travis Wondra, owner of Big O Tires said business has been very good, and is happy with his location in Craig.

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Craig store fills hockey niche in Craig

As winter and hockey season approach, replacing old, worn gear or getting equipment for a first-timer becomes a top priority. While hockey never has taken a major hold in Craig, it does have a loyal following. That is why Samuelson True Value Hardware, 456 Breeze St., sells hockey equipment during the sport’s winter season. Storeowner Mark Samuelson has been involved with hockey for years and wanted to provide a place in town for parents and players to be able to gear up.

Christina Oxley: Be an informed consumer

I've been advocating for and promoting Craig's business community nearly all of my adult life, and especially for the almost seven years that I've served as the executive director of the Craig Chamber of Commerce, and here's what I have to say about shopping locally: It's your money. You should spend it however and wherever you want. To that statement, about half of you responded mentally with a defiant, “I will, and I don't really need your permission.” The other half is looking up my phone number to lambast me for writing the exact opposite of what my position, and my conscience, dictates.

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One Hour Photo offers more than meets the eye

Quality Plus One Hour Photo in Craig may deceive passersby. With One Hour in the name and a sign proclaiming, “We still do film,” it may seem an antiquated business considering advances in digital photography. But chatting with owner Robert Libbee and wife Tina, they said customers will find the business has updated in terms of technology but kept the small town friendly atmosphere that keep customers coming back.