News for Sunday, October 14, 2012



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Monday Morning Chat: Five minutes with Jacob Baron, retail service specialist at O'Reilly Auto Parts

Hometown: "Craig is my hometown, but I was born in Wheat Ridge. Lived there until I was about 5. Then I’ve been back and forth between Denver." Job title: Retail service specialist at O’Reilly Auto Parts How long have you been working here: “About a year and a half. I also work at Conoco as a mechanic there and I go to school for automotive.” How did you get started at your job: “I started working here because I needed a job so my parents wouldn’t kick me out. But I also work here because of all the automotive stuff I do.”

Rebuilding after Colo.'s most destructive wildfire

A week after the Waldo Canyon fire roared through their hillside neighborhood, Joseph Boyd and Trish Nelson-Boyd returned to a five-bedroom home reduced to 18 inches of ash. A fireball with temperatures estimated at 2,000 degrees left little more than the twisted motors from their kitchen appliances. On that same spot today on Yankton Place — only three months later — stands a nearly completed stucco home scheduled for move-in Nov. 5, the first rebuilt house in the Waldo Canyon fire zone. All around the building site, backhoes and other heavy construction equipment buzz and rumble — the stirrings of a community coming back to life much quicker than many might have imagined. "We saw the horrific loss of the house that had all our memories in it," said Joseph Boyd, standing in what soon will be his master bedroom. "Now, we're anxious to start creating new memories here."

Manning still crossing paths with Chargers

Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf? It was the big question going into the 1998 draft and one that was quickly answered that fall. Indianapolis made the right choice and Bobby Beathard and the San Diego Chargers were stuck with a colossal mistake. Nearly 15 years later, Manning is still crossing paths with the Chargers. On Monday night, he'll bring his Denver Broncos (2-3) to Qualcomm Stadium to face the AFC West rival Chargers (3-2).

Fewer qualms for gun-rights groups over Romney now

Gun-rights groups perceive President Barack Obama as a threat to unfettered access to firearms. They once had qualms about Mitt Romney, too. But times and circumstances have changed for Romney, the GOP presidential nominee now in tune with the National Rifle Association and similar organizations, whose members are motivated voters. In the tight White House race, every bit of support helps, especially in the most closely contested states and particularly from groups that claim millions of members nationwide. Romney's prior embrace of weapon-control proposals had put him crossways with the NRA and others. These days, Romney is on their good side by opposing renewal of a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons, additional regulations on gun shows and suggested federal gun registration requirements.

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Moffat County volleyball keeps battling

The Moffat County volleyball team has made a habit out of getting into tight contests. The Bulldogs (4-12) have played three straight five set matches, and a four-setter in the match before that. It may be a more stressful team to watch for the coaches and fans of the team, but it has also signified the Bulldogs becoming a more competitive unit. “I don’t know what that is all about,” head coach Sandy Camilletti said of her team going the distance in so many matches. “They told me the other day during a timeout that they just liked playing volleyball so much and that’s why they keep playing. Seriously though, it’s not a matter of losing focus and letting up.”

Senior Spotlight for October 15, 2012

The season for getting fresh, delicious different kinds of bread. Zucchini, pumpkin, banana, also the squash is used more right now. Really an interesting variety of ways to use the harvest of fall besides canning. I used to can salmon when we lived in Granby, a friend of ours went fishing and Grand Lake. Later on a friend taught me how to make beet jelly using the beet juices, plum jam, peaches, etc.