Greg Hixson: Thanks for a great season


To the editor:

We would just like to start out by saying what a talented group of young athletes Craig has. We had the honor and privilege of coaching 11 of them on our Doak Walker Chargers team.

Every player on the team gave 110 percent and had such great sportsmanship. They always left it all on the field and that's all any coach asks for.

So we would just like to say thank you to all our boys for their hard work, great attitudes, and respect. ALL of you were truely amazing. We'd also like to thank their parents for allowing us to be a part of their growth in football and for trusting us to do so.

A special thank you to Cook Chevrolet for sponsoring our amazing team! We'd also like to thank Dave Pike and Pam Maneotis of Craig Parks and Rec for all their time and organization for the program and an unforgettable ending to an incredible season!

Letting the boys play on the high school football field was epic!

Also, thank you to the referees!! You guys have a thankless job sometimes but you are appreciated.

Lastly, thanks to Jared Ogden and the Broncos for a battle for the books in the Super Bowl 2012!! What a way to end the season with such an awesome nail biting game!!

Greg Hixson & Leigh Fox

Chargers Coaches


craigresident1987 4 years, 6 months ago

Yes, couldn't agree more that the players did an awesome job playing and giving it their all in every game. But you as their coach Greg did an awesome job coaching them! Great job to all the teams and coaches.


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