News for Tuesday, October 9, 2012



Mayor signs letter of intent for Craig community solar garden

State mandate requires certain percentage of utilities come from renewables

There was reluctance Tuesday among some Craig City Council members to support a nonbinding letter of intent for the construction of a solar array in Craig. Citing Tri-State Generation & Transmission, operator of Craig Station, as one of the largest employers and primary contributors to the Moffat County tax base, council member Don Jones questioned whether supporting construction of a solar garden in Craig City limits would send the wrong message to local energy industry employees. “Here we are trying to keep coal in the area and all of a sudden we’re going to buy into something like this?” Jones said. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m for green energy, but what kind of a message are we sending to the power plant and the mines?”

Medicare open enrollment for Part D begins Monday

In the complicated maze healthcare has become, it can be easy to become lost. But there is help. Betsy Packer, SHIP/SMP counselor for the Routt County Council on Aging, will be in Craig to help seniors on Medicare navigate their drug plans.

Editorial: Election overload

Our View: As the 2012 campaign season comes to a frenzy in the weeks before Nov. 6, it can be easy to be disenfranchised with the whole process and lose interest. However we encourage anyone unfamiliar with the issues to learn what they are and how they could affect the country. The Craig Daily Press is hosting a debate at 5:30 p.m. Thursday at JW Snacks, 210 E. Victory Way, which gives residents another chance to do just that.

25 Shades of Craig: Women’s Rolls

Women have always filled many roles in their lives and they still do. We serve as wives, chefs, nurses, housekeepers, employees, therapists and friends. But probably the most important and influential of these roles is that of a mother. It is the most challenging and most rewarding job out there, and as times change, so too do the demands.

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Golden Cavvy Restaurant and Lounge closes

Randy Knoche has gathered with friends every morning at the Golden Cavvy for the past ten years. "We have a bunch of us that don't sleep very well who go down there and drink coffee and solve the world's problems," Knoche said. But Knoche and his buddies have been left looking for a new place to meet, as the Golden Cavvy Restaurant and Lounge closed its doors Tuesday after more than 50 years in business. An abrupt close with little forewarning, there is speculation the restaurant closed for financial reasons.

Race between Romney, Obama still all about Ohio

It's still all about Ohio. After a strong debate performance, Republican challenger Mitt Romney is intensifying his efforts in the state that's critical to his White House hopes, while President Barack Obama works to hang on to the polling edge he's had here for weeks. Both candidates campaigned hard in the state Tuesday, the last day of voter registration ahead of Election Day, now just four weeks away. "It's time for him to leave the White House," Romney said of Obama at an evening rally in Cuyahoga Falls. "Ohio's going to elect me the next president of the United States."

Long-missing Colo. Marine buried with full honors

A Colorado family's years of waiting ended Tuesday when they finally buried a fallen Marine who had been missing since a helicopter crash during the rescue of an American ship crew seized by Cambodia's Khmer Rouge in 1975. Pfc. James Jacques (HAW'-kas) was laid to rest with full military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver on what would have been his 56th birthday. About 50 Vietnam War veterans holding American flags lined a street in the sprawling hilltop cemetery. Doves were released after three volleys were fired into the air. "We never lost hope that he would come home, and that day has come," said Delouise Guerra, Jacques' older sister. "Now we all have closure."

Police release video of missing Colorado girl

Authorities scoured a suburban Denver neighborhood for clues Tuesday and urged people to watch out for a 10-year-old girl who disappeared four days earlier on her way to school. Westminster police released more photos of Jessica Ridgeway along with a short home video, saying it would help the public learn her mannerisms and the sound of her voice. Authorities asked the public to note the fifth-grader's distinguishing characteristics, such as a small gap between her front teeth and a sore on her nose below where her eyeglasses sit, adding that she might not be wearing glasses. Jessica was last seen Friday morning after leaving home to meet friends at a park so they could walk to school. Police say she didn't meet up with her friends or reach the campus.

Moffat County Commission approves 2013 proposed budget

Budget 900K lighter than 2012, outlines numerous capital improvement projects

The 2013 Moffat County budget may be less than 2012’s, but the Moffat County Commission plans to continue its ambitious schedule of capital improvement projects next year. Mindy Curtis, Moffat County finance director, today presented the commission with the 2013 proposed budget, which totals $82,855,915 — a decrease of $904,716 over last year. Though the majority of her discussion highlighted infrastructure and community improvement projects slated to take place in 2013, Curtis cited flat revenues and a drop in the county’s overall valuation in 2012 for the decreased budget.

Rosemary Potter: 'Get rid of Obama'

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, should be renamed. It should be called The Affordable Management Act. Under that law, healthcare is to be managed like a business, with the most disposable human beings, unborn babies and old people, being jeopardized to insure that this plan is "affordable" for the rest of the population. All Americans are forced to purchase health insurance that could cover abortion, and in some cases, is required to cover abortion. This law also opens the door to Planned Parenthood-run clinics in public middle schools and high schools, which clinics could provide "counseling" and "referrals" which could include abortions and abortion related services. This provision violates the religious freedom of millions of people who believe that abortion is murder.

Man killed in roll-over crash near Meeker

A 79-year-old man was killed Monday when the vehicle he was traveling rolled off Colorado Highway 13, Colorado State Patrol reported in a news release. According to the release a blue 2005 Ford Excursion carrying three people was traveling northbound at around noon on Colorado Highway 13 in south Moffat County, near milepost 61, when it crossed into the southbound lane and then drove off the left side of the road. The vehicle then rolled through a fence and landed on its driver’s side.

Chapman family: We support Dave DeRose

Fall Greetings to all of our friends, neighbors, and fellow voters in Craig and Moffat County. This year we have an awesome opportunity to select county, state and national leadership that we believe will be pivotal to the success or failure of our nation. You must get out and vote! The primary reason for this letter is to speak out on the local race for County Commissioner in District 1. Our family has been blessed to live in this valley for nearly one hundred years and have worked together with many individuals to make Northwest Colorado what it is today. We have been fortunate to serve and be served by both candidates and their families during their lives here, so it’s not a matter of whether either candidate is likeable or cares about our community. To us, it’s merely a decision of who has the ability to step up and lead our county, regardless of how complex the matter is.

On The Record for Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012

On The Record for Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012

A day to remember hunting grouse in Wyoming

CARBON COUNTY, Wyo. (AP) — The 20-gauge shotgun rode easily in my hands as I walked down a trail on the north slope of a tangled ravine that cradled a trickling stream. The light was crisp with the fleeting, brief perfection of fall. The aspen leaves shimmered their best yellow and orange against the pale blue Wyoming sky. The breeze carried the tang of spruce warming in the sun. The dog zigzagged tightly up and down the slope ahead of me. He had cut a pad badly earlier in the day but continued hunting hard without complaint. He was methodical, intent and good at his work. Suddenly, two blue grouse broke cover close in front of me. The sound of their beating wings throbbed in the air as they pumped hard to make it across the ravine and into the safety of the dark forest. The gun came up fast as I worked the slide to chamber a round. The barrel settled on the bird on the left.