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New blood turns Colorado to political battleground

Not too long ago Colorado was political flyover country, known for skiing and football — and being a reliable vote for the Republican presidential candidate. In the past three elections, it's become a focus of national politics. This year, Colorado is a hotly contested battleground in the race between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, and it hosts the first debate between them Wednesday night in Denver, a city that is the third-busiest political ad market in the country. In 2010, the U.S. Senate campaign in Colorado was the most expensive of that cycle. And in 2008, Obama put the state firmly on the political map by accepting his party's presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention here. So what has changed over the years? People like Kelly Kuehl moved here.

Rep. Gardner takes aim at Biden's "buried" comment

Republican Rep. Cory Gardner of Colorado says Vice President Joe Biden's comment that the middle class has been "buried" during the past four years is a "tremendous acknowledgment" of the Obama administration's record. Biden made his comment Tuesday while arguing that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney would cut taxes for millionaires and raise them for middle-class families.

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Moffat County beats Grand Valley in 5-set thriller

It was more tense than it needed to be, but the Moffat County volleyball team did its part to get homecoming week going. The Bulldogs (3-11) beat Grand Valley (6-7) in a wild five set match Tuesday night in the MCHS gym, 25-23, 25-18, 29-31, 21-25, 15-4. They earned the win while overcoming more than just their opponents. After the first two sets, it looked like a comfortable win was on the way for Moffat County. They had been the stronger team, especially in the second set when they took a lead early and pulled away at the end of the set. But in the third set, a point was taken from Moffat County due to their lineup being incorrect. Head coach Sandy Camilletti explained it was her fault after the match.

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Kinkaid dedicates October to Moffat County Commission bid

DeRose focused on keeping employees employed

On Tuesday one of the races for Moffat County Commissioner took an interesting turn. With just 34 days until the November general election John Kinkaid, 59, unaffiliated candidate for Moffat County Commission’s District 1 seat, announced in a news release he would not return to his post at Craig Station as a control room operator, opting instead to dedicate the entire month of October to his campaign. And just three days into the month Kinkaid said there’s been no shortage of activities to occupy his time. “This is a pretty huge gamble taking a month off from work,” Kinkaid said Tuesday night. “If today was any indication of how busy it’s going to be I feel good I made the right decision.”

USFS to close hunting access in portion of GMU 23

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is advising hunters heading to Game Management Unit (GMU) 23 in the White River National Forest that the southeast portion of the unit will be temporarily closed by the U.S. Forest Service during the upcoming big-game seasons due to concerns about an active wildfire in the area, CPW reported in a news release. Although recent rainfall has dampened the fire, USFS officials are concerned about the number of weakened trees and snags caused by the heat and flames, as well as concerns that the fire could re-ignite as temperatures rise and rainfall moves out of the area. The closure extends through Dec. 31, but could end sooner if conditions warrant, according to the release. USFS officials say the Middle Elk fire was caused by an unattended campfire. Since it was discovered, it has grown to 257 acres, burning in a mix of spruce and fir trees, open areas and high elevation aspen groves west of Forest Road 245, also known as the Buford - New Castle Road. The road is not currently included in the closure and remains open to hunters, the release stated. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding hunters and other outdoor recreationists to observe closure notices and to follow campfire rules and regulations as they head to their camps.

Moffat County Tourism Association Board meeting agenda for Oct. 3, 2012

Moffat County Tourism Association Board meeting agenda for Oct. 3, 2012

Rosemary Pottr: 'Reckless Lunacy'

"Reckless Lunacy!" is what Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) calls President Obama's plan to slash the number of our nuclear weapons. The President wants to disarm America! Read on, and you will see for yourself: When he signed the START III treaty with Vladimer Putin, the president agreed to cut our arsenal of nuclear weapons in half -from 3000 down to 1500, and now he wants to take it down to 300! Mr. Obama has called for nearly $500 billion in new cuts in defense in his 2013 budget proposal. Here is how he wants to accomplish that:

Kevin Holman: Support CSSD professionals

Kevin Holman: Letter to Editor

Ann Romney's new role: Defender in chief

Ann Romney has stepped out into a new role for the final stretch of the campaign: Character witness and defender in chief. She admonishes her husband's Republican critics, and tries to convince woman that Mitt Romney is on their side. She also counters the portrait her husband's opponent paints of a soul-less corporate raider, and seeks to show his softer side, like she did Tuesday when she recalled how he made regular visits in the 1970s to a 14-year-old who was dying of cancer, even helping the boy write his will. "That is where Mitt is when someone's in trouble, he's there, he's by the bedside," Ann Romney told a crowd at a park in this vote-rich area as her husband stayed out of sight ahead of Wednesday's debate. "Right now the country's in trouble. We need someone who cares, who truly understands what is going on." In the weeks since her big convention debut, she has become the center of a campaign within the campaign. She has her own charter airplane, holds her own fundraisers, campaigns at her own events, and often sits down for more local interviews than her nominee husband does. On Monday, she held an event in Henderson, Nev., competing with President Barack Obama, who was in town to prepare for his head-to-head matchup with Mitt Romney. After her Tuesday appearance, she did three interviews with local stations.

Carpool resource now available to Northwest Colorado residents

The drive between Craig and Steamboat can seem like no big deal. Forty-five minutes to an hour and you’re there. Some can even make it in less time. But for those who commute to and from on a daily basis, that drive can seem to stretch on. Not to mention the money spent on gas. That’s why Yampa Valley Data Partners have organized an online system to bring together Northwest residents of Moffat, Rio Blanco and Routt counties so they can carpool together.

Moffat County court conferencing system prepping for upgrades

County receives grant assistance from state

The video conferencing systems at the Moffat County Courthouse and the Moffat County Public Safety Center may be receiving a much-needed upgrade courtesy of the state. Mason Siedschlaw, information technology director, told the Moffat County Commission Tuesday the county recently received a $45,000 court security grant from the State of Colorado. The grant would not only provide significant system improvements, but also would connect the courthouse and the Moffat County Jail to the State of Colorado’s Judicial Network. The state is about a year from completing the network, which will be comprised of every jail, Colorado Department of Corrections facility and courtroom throughout Colorado, Siedschlaw said.

CDP Editorial: Community celebration

Our View: With homecoming week upon us, we are reminded of the powerful positive effect the event can have not only on the school community, but also on the Moffat County community in general. While that desired effect only works if the whole community participates, we are confident local residents will come through as they do each year.

25 Shades of Craig: Single-parent dating — part 2

Dating a single parent has it benefits and its drawbacks. You are no longer going to be involved in only one person’s life. As a single parent you should have enough respect for you and your child to take any relationship slow and steady. Slow and steady does not mean moving in with a budding love interest within the first week or month. Your children are your responsibility and when you bring people in and out of their lives it not only hurts them but also confuses them. Have some respect for yourself, for your child, and their feelings.

On The Record for Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

On The Record for Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2012

CPW Commission to meet in Durango

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission will receive an update on research involving black bears and cutthroat trout when the Commission meets in Durango Thursday and Friday, the agency reported in a news release. The meeting will be held at The Strater Hotel, 699 Main Ave. in Durango. The Commission agenda begins at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, when agenda includes general updates on agency strategic priorities and a financial update, according to the release. Thursday briefings from Colorado Parks and Wildlife staff will include an overview of ungulate population management plans. Commissioners will also receive a briefing on black bear research taking place in the Durango area, the release stated.