News for Saturday, November 10, 2012



Dave DeRose: Congratulations, Kinkaid and Grobe

I want to express my congratulations to John Kinkaid in his victory in the recent election. Also I want to congratulate Chuck Grobe who was elected to the District 2 seat. The days ahead will be ones of great decisions and many issues that the voters of Moffat County will depend on you to resolve. I hope and pray for wisdom and vision for all of the commission as we navigate the future in Moffat County and in this great nation.

Al Cashion: Resistance is not futile

I like SciFi as much as the next guy but I never was what some would call a “Trekky”. Trekkies are Star Trek fans whose passion for the space fantasy drama is so intense that they “beamed” themselves up without Scotty’s aid. Many haven’t beamed back. The original series starring the overacting actor William Shatner was fun for me as I was in Junior High, the perfect age for such things. Overacting bothered me not one whit.

Fox returns to Carolina, this time with a star QB

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Broncos coach John Fox returns to Carolina on Sunday with a marquee quarterback in tow. Having a four-time league MVP like Peyton Manning calling the shots on offense is a luxury Fox didn't have during his nine seasons coaching the Panthers. Instead, Fox made do with the likes of Jake Delhomme, Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, a few rungs down the quarterback totem pole. He's hoping that with Manning running the offense he can find the playoff consistency that eluded him in Carolina. Fox took the Panthers to the playoffs three times in nine seasons, including two NFC championship games and a Super Bowl, but never could put together back-to-back playoff seasons, which ultimately was his undoing.

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Moffat County High School pays homage to veterans

Moffat County High School held a Veteran’s Day celebration Friday morning, taking the time to honor heroes in the community. Not only was the event well put together, but students demonstrated respect and appreciation for the veterans who attended, including: Guy Bradshaw, current commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Craig, Johnny Garcia, Edward Garcia, Howdy Davis, Jim Meineke, Gaylord Flies, Ray Magness and Leon Meats. The wars the veterans had served in spanned decades, starting with Flies who served in World War II all the way up to Bradshaw who served in Iraq.

Rig Count for Nov. 10

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