News for Saturday, November 3, 2012



Rosemary Potter: Obama needs to go

The Romney Campaign has said that Colorado is likely to be the state that determines the outcome of the election. That means all registered residents of Moffatt County have a moral obligation to vote. We could determine whether the United States of America remains a free country, or whether it will become the socialist nation of President Obama's dreams. Any president that tells us that we have to buy a product (his version of healthcare insurance) or pay a fine, deserves to be kicked out of office. Any president whose aim is to "spread the wealth around" by taking higher taxes from you in order to give all kinds of free stuff to illegal immigrants whom he arrogantly promotes coming across our southern border in violation of our law should be sent packing. Any president who sits in the Situation Room and watches our Embassy being attacked in real time, and sends the orders "Stand Down" three times, causing 4 Americans to lose their lives is not welcome to have any further access to that room.

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CMS splits 8th-grade games vs. Rangely

The CMS eighth grade boys basketball team split a pair of partial games against Rangely Saturday morning in Craig. CMS fields two full rosters for its eighth grade basketball teams, but Rangely does not have the same participation level, with enough for just one team. So to make sure everyone got a chance to play and the Rangely boys weren’t run ragged, an agreement was reached to play two three-quarter games.

Jerry Rankin: Baxter is the right choice

Jo Ann Baxter of Craig in Moffat County actually is the better choice to represent the diverse population of Colorado HD 57. Bob Rankin, successful electrical engineer, former corporate executive of broad experience, has endorsements from an impressive array of well-heeled business, commercial, and professional backers. Rankin’s emphatically conservative political outlook for economic development and job creation in northwestern Colorado, makes him seem like the favorite in these parts. He’s a successful businessman; he thinks like one. His answers to economic questions resonate with the majority of the Republican base up here.

Al Cashion: A potent power

I despise change, ….now. I used to demand change. Change feeds the frenzy of the youthful mind. I think I was really hungry. Change now seems to have become a cruel taskmaster as life becomes seasoned and tempered by age, experience, unexpected diversions and trials. Now that I’m knocking on the door of six decades, I understand the people I use to call old. Some of their foibles that were so irritating are starting to make a great deal of sense. Idiosyncrasies of seasoned Seniors I thought to be irrational now seem more than logical.

Steve Kaurman: My friend, Bob

I first met Bob Rankin in 2000. I had been thinking about starting an education non-profit and was interested in meeting community leaders who were demonstrating a similar interest in public education. My inquiries led me to a group of technologically oriented people who were investigating the possibility of putting computers in the hands of those whose families were not able to afford them. The leader of this group was Bob Rankin; the non-profit that was ultimately formed was Computers for Kids, C4K. C4K was a great success. Students and adults worked together to gather, refurbish, distribute and recycle old computers and provide Internet access to those in need. Over the years I have come to know Bob well. His life and work history tell the story of a hardworking, dedicated, and determined man who strives to be the best at whatever he does.

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MCHS football falls at Palisade

The Moffat County High School football lost its final game of the season in Grand Junction Friday night. Palisade proved to be too much to handle in the fourth quarter after a tight first three, pulling away to win 35-14. Palisade will await its 3A playoff seeding, having finished 8-2. Moffat County will miss the postseason in 2012, finishing 5-5.