Senior Spotlight for May 28: Grand Olde West Days and Memorial Day Weekend


Memorial Day weekend and Grand Olde West Days— a good combination.

Memories flood back.

Yes, I remember well my dad, sitting me on a pickle barrel in a store where he worked.

Mom in the hospital, he babysat.

I was 5 years old.

My dad became the person I learned a lot of wonderful things from — unconditional love for his family regardless of how they treated him, forgiveness, hard work, trust and on and on.

Mom was gentle, shy, patiently waiting for whatever came, neat, not nagging or complaining or in any way rude. Very polite, mannerly, proud to be an American, also telling me as I grew up, ‘Learn your English better and anything to do with words, and sing.’

Education is one thing she was fond of.

My love for singing and writing— well, I try. I owe to her my interest in writing and singing.

I could go on about my family and lessons I learned from my 6-year-old son, Drew— patience, for one.

Anyway, Memorial Day brings to mind family, friends and servicemen, gone but not forgotten. May all your memories be good ones.

Happy birthday to Reba Wilson, Sarah Peed, Frank Jenkins and Dominic Southard.

Get well and speedy recovery to Teri Winery, Airoughan Van Grandt, Dolores Valenzuela, and Celeste Starling.

Enjoy Grand Olde West Days.

Mary Jo Brown


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