Editorial: Council's club conundrum


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Our View

Does it appear sketchy when the owner of a proposed new business falsifies information on his licensing applications? Yes. Does it raise character questions about the owner? Absolutely. Is this, along with a citizen's petition, enough to arbitrarily deny the business from opening? Not really.

The Craig City Council is scheduled to again consider licensing applications for a proposed new nightclub in Craig during Tuesday's regular meeting, bringing a potentially controversial issue back before the public.

Victor Tarango, a Steamboat Springs resident, is proposing to open Tarango's Night Club at 535 Green St., across the street from City Market and near the U.S. Post Office and Elk Run Inn, just off U.S. Highway 40.

The club owner has hit snags during recent council meetings — the Craig Police Department uncovered false information on his applications, and more recently, local residents have circulated a petition asking the council to keep the club from opening.

None of it looks good for Tarango or his club, and it's not difficult to see why.

However, the editorial board doesn't believe character questions about Tarango or the petition are enough to rightfully keep the club from opening.

If Tarango has provided accurate information this time around and met all legal requirements, how can city officials justify keeping his doors closed?

Wouldn't a denial under those circumstances be arbitrary and unfair?

Don't confuse the editorial board.

We're not wild about the idea of a new nightclub opening in our city. There are already plenty of places in our small community for people to get alcohol and make potentially bad decisions, and plenty of places law enforcement officers are forced to monitor.

Adding another isn't high on our list.

Unfortunately, there's a big difference between personal preference and a legal basis.

There are also some parallel issues to consider with the proposed club.

First off, chances are pretty good the time and effort put into worrying about the potential pitfalls of this new venture will exceed how long it's actually open.

We're in a recession and the odds are tough for any new business to be successful, and especially for one opening in a city where plenty of competition already exists.

Second, is the City of Craig in a position to be turning away new businesses? If Tarango's meets its legal requirements, the club is a potential source of new tax revenue for a city that could always use more funds to benefit public services or amenities.

And lastly, the petition needs to be looked at critically.

Two people pushing the petition are nearby property owners, who have made efforts in the past to stifle economic development in favor of their own self interest.

That needs to stop. They own their own property, not everything around it, too.

The editorial board doesn't envy the decision the Craig City Council has to make, whether it's Tuesday or down the road, concerning the club.

It's a tough spot, certainly.

But, sometimes the right decision comes down to a simple criteria — the absence of a legitimate reason to say no.

This appears to be one of those situations.

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Becky Plummer 4 years, 11 months ago

I hope everyone that supports a new business opening in Craig shows up in support for Victor Tarango, I know I will be there....


jaxx 4 years, 11 months ago

Good insghts editorial board. I believe that this decision is going to be seen as contoversial no matter what decision is reached. I also wonder if such a business can suceed here. Any new business deserves a chance but the location seems questionable. Good luck City Council.


Jmhoefner 4 years, 11 months ago

I think the statement about Tarango supplying "accurate" information is pertinent to approval. If there are inaccuracies or omissions in the application, then no approval should be given. Honesty in application and honesty in business are inter-related.


Jmhoefner 4 years, 11 months ago

New honest businesses applying for approval in Craig are an asset to the business community. Businesses need to be solvent and ethical in order to be an asset to the community. We need to be certain that the businesses that we approve are fiscally responsible and reliable.


Jmhoefner 4 years, 11 months ago

I think the city council should read the ordinance thoroughly. Thorough analysis is evidence that Tarango's should not be approved. We need to adhere to our City's ordinances or change them.


Jmhoefner 4 years, 11 months ago

The City Council has a "legitimate" reason to say no ---the city ordinance. Just say no....it is what we tell our kids!


Brian Kotowski 4 years, 11 months ago

Integrity isn't everything. Important, certainly. Unfortunately, not everyone has it. That's why those in authority have been granted the discretion to make judgment calls.

The NFL has recently come down hard on the New Orleans Saints. Not because of the infractions committed, but because the Saints lied about it.

The CDP makes an excellent argument. As a matter of law, Tarango should be green lighted. On the other hand, it's an opportunity for the Council to use its discretion to send a message: lie to us, and you can go pound sand. Future applicants might take note.


craignative 4 years, 11 months ago

This night club should not be supported. This man's credibility is at stake. He did not complete an accurate application the first time around. So if he completes it accurately this time, it should be a go? I don't think so!! What else is this guy going to conveinently avoid telling city officials in the future? How do we know when he speaks the truth when he couldn't speak the truth on his application the first time? If you were to lie on a job application, should you be given a second chance at applying again? You absolutely lost your chance the first time you lied. No employer will hire anyone who deliberately lied on an application. If you're a business owner who reads these comments and you support this guy, I challenge you to ask that question.

I am for bringing business to Craig. However, not at the cost of intergrity and honesty. There are plenty of honest hard working people who have ideas or dreams of starting a business that the city should consider first when the situation arises.


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