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Our View

Young people in the community are presented with limited options for life after high school. Last week’s Girls to Women conference helped show local 8th-grade girls the variety of careers available to them. The editorial board supports that effort, and wishes local boys had the same opportunity.

Last week, about 70 area young women attended the annual Girls to Women career conference at the Holiday Inn of Craig.

The aim of the event, as conference committee member Dana Duran put it, was to show local 8th-grade girls that despite how limited their options might seem for life after school, career possibilities are endless.

The event included presentations from area professional women and, for the first time this year, an etiquette lesson given before attendees ate lunch.

The editorial board applauds the efforts of the Girls to Women conference committee, as well as partnering agency the Boys & Girls Club of Craig.

In a world where a fluctuating economy can make it hard to plan your next meal, let alone the rest of your life, it is vital that our young people have the chance to see all the options the world has to offer, especially when it comes to those options that aren’t as visible here in the Moffat County community.

In fact, the only problem the editorial board has with the Girls to Women career conference is that there is no longer a similar event for boys, who also will face exposure to limited career options.

The young men will hear about the opportunity to work for local economic pillars like TwenyMile Coal Mine, Colowyo Coal Mine, and Tri-State Generation & Transmission’s Craig Station.

And they should.

All three are absolutely integral to the well-being of Moffat County and Craig, and all three have proudly employed generations of Moffat County residents.

But that doesn’t mean local boys should be prevented from seeing what other options are available.

Doing so isn’t fair to them and, in a town striving for economic diversity, isn’t fair to the community.

If we want to break away from the boom-bust cycle that has plagued our community, we will need young people who can step in and fill a variety of roles throughout the community.

Events like the Girls to Women career conference help make sure local youths experience enough of that variety to make an informed decision about their future.

And that, the editorial board contends, can only be good for the community.

It is often said that children are our future. If that’s true then we owe it to the community to make sure our young people are informed enough to be able to use their diverse talents to benefit the world around them.

Kudos to the organizers and presenters at last week’s Girls to Women career conference for doing exactly that.

Hopefully area boys will have the same opportunity sometime soon.

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dexter 4 years, 11 months ago

It really is a shame when the editorial board doesn't have enough sense to gather ALL of the information before writing an editorial such as this. Unfortunately, the reporter who was invited to attend both events opted to attend and write about only the girls conference instead of equally covering both. The facts the reporter and the editorial board opted to leave out--- the boys enjoyed a morning of hands on presentations given by various individuals from CNCC and the community regarding the careers and education available in Aviation Technology, Automobile Technology, National Park Services, Natural Resources and Ecology, Emergency Medical Services, Power Plant Technology, Craig Fire Department, Craig Police Department, and the Craig Emergency Medical Services. During the afternoon the boys attended field trips to the Tri-State Craig Station and Trapper Mine to learn about the variety of careers and education needed to work in various positions. Lunch was provided by Tri-State.

Hopefully the editorial board will make sure next time that they know ALL of the facts before writing such a stupid editorial. The editorial board needs to apologize for the slap in the face they have given each of the presenters who so graciously donated their personal time to help make the day a success, and the CMS staff who also helped to organize this event.


George Robertson 4 years, 11 months ago

"Hopefully the editorial board will make sure next time that they know ALL of the facts before writing such a stupid editorial." Sorry dexter you're setting your hopes a little to high on THAT one! One hopes the board enjoys the taste of crow.


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