News for Friday, May 11, 2012



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Local senior tunes up for college

Screaming trumpets and bellowing trombones. A bass thumps out a beat. Then the sound of the choir joins in. These are the sounds that are familiar to senior Kaitlen Bird. Music has been a large part of Bird’s life for many years. Seven, in fact, four of which she has spent in Jazz Band at MCHS. Bird is also involved with music at her church. When asked which instruments she plays, Bird responded, “All of them.”

Tech-knowledge-y: Skullcandy & Macbook

One model of Skullcandy's latest over-the-ear headphones is making quite an impression on the headphone industry. The Mix Master headphones have become studio quality, street worthy "DJ" headphones. These headphones have a built-in mute button for quick access to silence and are flexible enough to be turned inside out to listen to a conversation and listen to the music at the same time. They also have a detachable audio cable for easy transportation and for that one audio cable that seems to disappear when needed. It includes a stashable case, encore ear pads, and is built with polycarbonate, ABS, stainless steel, aluminum for protection.

Talented seniors share one last concert together

There are only a couple of weeks left in the school year and one last concert for the choir department. That means there is only a couple weeks left until Center Stage choir loses five of their seniors, Jordyn Caddy, Kat Thompson, Kelsey Nylander, Shilo Simpson, and Kaitlen Bird. The choir performed for the last time as a group on May 8th. Choir Director Heather Dahlberg has been working with these five seniors since last year. Dahlberg and the Center Stage seniors have a very close relationship. The entire choir is sad to see the five of them go.

See you later

In a few short weeks, seniors will no longer be able to charm the halls of Moffat County High School with their presence. Instead of counting down the days until summer, we find ourselves counting down the days until graduation. A day recognized annually for the exchange of a simple piece of paper stating that the seniors at MCHS undoubtedly share a part in the graduating class of 2012. That piece of paper will also remind us of all of the countless sleepless nights we encountered finishing homework and studying for tests. All of our exertion and achievement will pay off on May 26, 2012. No longer will we be high school students, but graduates and alumni. Time seems to fly when you’re having fun, right?

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Graduate recruits envision personal and professional rewards

"I believe that the reason Moffat County High School students join is a strong of patriotism. They are usually raised to be hard workers and good old boys, so the military seems like a good fit for these individuals," says Northwest Colorado Marine recruiter Sergeant Brian Scoggins. For years, enlistment in the armed forces has been a strong trend amongst teens from Craig. Every year, Scoggins recruits about ten young students from Colorado's western slope into the United States Marine Corps, at least four of them coming from Moffat County High School.

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Girls to Women gives students a glimpse into career possibilities

When Dana Duran was a girl, she believed she could grow up to be one of four things: a doctor, lawyer, teacher or a blue-collar worker. As she learned later, though, her career opportunities were more varied than she was ever led to believe. “There’s millions of options, and I didn’t figure that out until I went to college,” said Duran, Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado executive director. She hoped the Girls to Women career conference Thursday helped local eighth-grade girls discover a wealth of career options at an earlier age.

Dance school performances slated

Just Dance, 500 Yampa Ave., will present its annual May recital at 6:30 p.m. today and 5 p.m. tomorrow in the auditorium at Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane. Owner and teacher Jennifer Giedd said about 165 students from ages 3 through 18 will perform dances of various styles ranging from tap to ballet to hip-hop. The theme for this year’s recital is “Dancing Through Time,” and each class will present a routine representing a different period of time, ending with the future, Giedd said.

On the Record for May 11, 2012

On the Record for May 11, 2012

Craig Chamber Board takes no action at Thursday meeting

The Craig Chamber of Commerce Board did not have a quorum for Thursday's board meeting and did not take action on any agenda items. Board members Renee Campbell, Missy Bonaker, Ryan Duran, Gail Severson, Audrey Anna Charchalis and Jared Schultz were absent from the meeting. Remaining board members discussed organization goals; volunteers for a Whittle the Wood Rendezvous beer garden; printing bids for a membership directory; policy changes to a review manual; and the 20/20 Vision program to establish long-term goals.

Colorado civil unions session to start next week

Same-sex unions will take center stage in Colorado next week, with Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper taking the unusual and expensive step of calling lawmakers back to work, saying Thursday, "This is civil rights." Hickenlooper outlined the scope of the special session, which he said will begin Monday, instructing lawmakers to focus on several issues including a divisive proposal to set a standard on what's considered too high to drive. But it's clear that a Democrat-backed civil union proposal that died on the House floor this week was the driving force behind the governor's call. "This is people's legal rights," said Hickenlooper, a supporter of the plan. "It's supposed to be guaranteed in our constitution, right?"

Briefs for May 11: Preschool accepting applications

Craig Head Start Preschool is accepting applications for the 2012-13 program year. Application is open to parents with children who will turn 3 or 4 years old on or before Aug. 31. Space is limited. For more information, call Adriana at 824-9307 or the main office at 1-800-659-4970.

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Dig this: Students begin exploring potential mammoth site

It only took a few hours before a potential Columbian Mammoth site in Craig began unveiling its hidden treasures beneath the surface. Although it's going to take many months and a lot of hard hours before Craig and Steamboat Springs high school students reach the depth where the remains of as many as three mammoths could be located, the site is already producing exciting discoveries including an array of fossilized plants and a potential hearth site. On Wednesday, more than 30 students from Steamboat Springs High School put their shovels into the ground at the mammoth dig site near 12th and Pine streets in the Old Craig View neighborhood. Connor Mayo, a Steamboat Springs High School senior, first discovered what could be a hearth site, which are the remains of a camp or cooking fire.

Moffat County rancher appears in court for pretrial conference

A Moffat County rancher charged with violating state cattle statutes will be tried by jury beginning July 9. Monty Luke Pilgrim, 51, of Little Snake River, is charged in Moffat County District Court with one count of theft exceeding $20,000, a Class 3 felony; nine counts of theft of certain animals, a Class 4 felony; one count of concealing estrays, a Class 6 felony; and one count of wrongful branding, a Class 6 felony. In a pretrial conference Wednesday, Judge Michael O’Hara confirmed the jury trial and set the ground rules for jury selection, opening statements and witness examinations. O’Hara said he will randomly select 25 residents for the panel and prosecutors and the defense would each be able to remove six from jury duty, which would leave 12 jurors plus an alternate.

Letter: Craig Chamber thankful for Rotarians

Rotarians make our community a better place. They read to students and distribute dictionaries. They sponsor and host exchange programs. They put out an amazing display of flags for every appropriate holiday. They educate themselves about the community, its programs and politics by encouraging guest speakers and dialogue at their meetings. And, they do so much more. Rotarians believe in four guiding principles: Is it the truth, is it fair, will it build goodwill and better friendships and will it be beneficial to all concerned?

MCHS girls golf sending 2 to state

Poor weather conditions looked to be an unfavorable omen for the Moffat County High School girls varsity golf team in the practice round of the regional tournament Monday at Gunnison’s Dos Rios Golf Club. But the quartet has never allowed one bad day to ruin their whole experience, and by the end of the next afternoon, all the clouds and precipitation were well out of the minds of its top two finishers. MCHS senior Sam Fox and sophomore Caitlin Harjes qualified Tuesday at the 4A Western Regional golf tournament to compete at the state tournament. Fox shot a 98, placing 10th, while 12th place Harjes finished with a 101. The MCHS team placed fourth overall out of 13 teams, with a combined 317 to combat first-place Rifle’s 277. Rifle’s Taylor Walters also won the event with an 86.

Police: Kidnap-slaying suspect slain; 2 girls OK

As a SWAT team closed in, a fugitive accused of killing a Tennessee mother and daughter before disappearing for nearly two weeks with her two other children killed himself Thursday evening, allowing authorities to safely recover the kidnapped girls, police said. Adam Mayes, 35, shot himself in the head Thursday evening after authorities, acting on a tip, found him and the girls near New Albany, Miss., said Guntown Police Chief Michael Hall. Alexandra Bain, 12, and Kyliyah Bain, 8, were taken to a hospital for observation, Hall said. Additional details were not immediately known Thursday evening. Mayes had been charged with first-degree murder in the April 27 deaths of Jo Ann Bain, 31, and her daughter, Adrienne, 14. Their bodies were found buried outside the Mayes' home a week after they were reported missing by Jo Ann Bain's husband.

Letter: Head Start a valuable service

I would like to take this opportunity to announce to our community that Rocky Mountain SER Head Start, headquartered in Grand Junction, wants to continue its valuable service in our community. Head Start has had a presence in Craig for more than 15 years. Head Start is a nonprofit organization offering free preschool for children ages 3 through 5. Families must meet financial guidelines to qualify.

2 Wyoming teens accused in armed robbery in Colo.

Police in Wyoming have arrested two high school students accused in an armed robbery at a home in Fort Collins, Colo. Police said Thursday that 18-year-olds Dycus Gregory Kelly and Luke James Lindsey were arrested at Laramie High School on suspicion of aggravated robbery, second-degree kidnapping and felony menacing. The two are suspected of forcing their way into a home in Fort Collins on May 2 where they had bought marijuana earlier in the day. The teens are accused of robbing the four people inside at gunpoint of marijuana and cash. The victims sustained minor injuries.

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Student Council had only two members on recent ballot

There are certain requirements that one needs to meet to become a member of Student Council. In order for a student to be part of the Student Council, he or she must maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better. For class representatives, a GPA of 2.5 must be maintained. Officers such as a Student Council President or a Vice President must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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The Band Boom Sonic Performs Sonic Boom

The band’s name, Boom Sonic, was chosen by mistake. While rehearsing the song titled Sonic Boom. One of the group members said Boom Sonic instead of Sonic Boom. The twist of words made for an interesting name for the group and it stuck.

The Alabama Shakes release powerful debut album

“Hold On”, the first song from the album Boy and Girls is fantastic. Powered by soulful vocals and a catchy guitar, the song is something new, innovative and a summary for what to expect from the album. The band, The Alabama Shakes are fairly young and unknown, yet for their first debut album, they have managed a home run. The band officially came together in 2009 when singer and rhythm guitarist Brittany Howard approached bassist Zac Cockrell in a high school class and asked about getting a band together.

Letter: Be respectful at graduation

Working endlessly and tirelessly we as a class have made it over mountains to get to this Graduation day. Excitement will fill every corner and every seat of the gymnasium that day, which is as it should be. The class of 2012 does ask for respect in the proceedings of the ceremony. The beach balls and air horns have their place in the events after the speakers and awards are given.

Softball team has problems sanctioning the sport

Many MCHS students wonder why softball is not a school sanctioned sport. Most players would prefer it to be. Freshman Mica Porter said it would be more fun if the softball team was school sanctioned because they would be competing against other teams instead of each other. She said they would have a lot less people on the team because athletes would actually have to try out. Porter also believes they would get more support from their school since they would be a school team.

Soundbytes: If you could choose the sex and appearance of your child, would you do it?

Taylor Shrode Junior - “Yes I would because it would be nice too see what your kid would look like before you had it.” Jamie Brown Senior - “Yes because I would rather my kid have brown eyes than blue but my genetics probably won’t work that way.” Brynnae Dempster Freshman - “No because they are their own person and they are what they are.” Kaylie Clawson Junior - “No because I believe that each and every baby is beautiful in their own way and if I changed the appearance it would be messing everything up.”

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Due to dry winter, river activities bottom out in shallow waters

Summer is right around the corner. The snow is melting, the grass is greener, and the river is flowing. The summer of 2012 may cause problems though. The lack of snow this winter has greatly affected the Yampa rivers flow.