Letter: Safety a priority over fireworks


To the editor:

As I watch new fires spring up across our state, I am increasingly concerned about the hesitation to cancel a Fourth of July fireworks display in Craig.

Each year, my husband and I make a point of staying home evenings around and including the 4th, hoping that the illegal aerial fireworks going off around us won't land in our virgin woods and set them on fire.

We have given up calling in to report these illegal fireworks as we have always been told that there is nothing to be done about them.

The recent comment from the Craig Police Department that this year will be different sounds good, but we will still sit tensely, hoping for the best and fearing for the worst.

There will be plenty to enjoy on the Fourth of July with a parade and a free community barbecue.

One year without explosives and live fire should be doable for everyone.

Shannan Koucherik

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Michelle Hale 4 years, 10 months ago

Fireworks should not happen this year. I would also add, should NOT be sold. Fireoworks find their place in stores and stands every year. People will buy them thinking "they have it under control." This is one of those years that they should not in the reach of anyone. Just don't sell or buy them. It is that simple.


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