Letter: Hospital should be allocated empty land


To the editor:

Why doesn't The Memorial Hospital get up in arms regarding the give away of the land next door to the fire district?

It would make much more sense if the college gave the land to the hospital for future expansion and also does away with any and all air problems from the proposed training center.

Hopefully enough Craig attended the meeting and attempted to persuade the college to change its mind and give it to the hospital.

As to all the reasons the fire district gives for needing a $1.5 million cement training tower when they have free access to one within 17 miles doesn't make any sense at all.

Their main reason is having firelighters and a truck away from Craig when a fire should break out.

My question is, how many times has this occurred over the past 20 or 30 years? My memory says "zilch."

The tower and the million dollar bucket truck are for bragging rights only.

Mike Wilson

Ex-fire district board member

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Sam Relaford 4 years, 10 months ago

A million dollar bucket truck!! OMG thats a good one. Can I use that one? I agree . They want it right out there so they can say... look what we have! Wait a minute...Do you mean they want to spend a million dollars on a fire truck with a bucket on it?? I missed that one. Lets see, I driver through hayden every day to and from work. On a bad day it takes 25 minutes to get to Craig. The trucks are already here and I have seen it take 30 minutes from Yampa Ave. And for god sake dont call the cops. Last time I did it took 45 minutes for an officer to show up.


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