Letter: Moffat County Commissioner issues apology letter about burn



Tom Gray

To the editor:

I lit a fire when a fire ban was on. No excuses or justifications, I was wrong.

The article did an accurate job of describing the facts at the time. Beyond that, actions speak louder than words, and my actions send the message that I believe I am somehow above the rules.

My actions call into question my personal ethics and moral standards, and as a Christian reflect badly on my fellow believers and on God himself.

I've said to myself many times in the last few days, "What was I thinking?"

However, what is done is done and I can only say this isn't how I've lived my life or what I believe.

I apologize to the citizens of Moffat County. I made a mistake.

Tom Gray

Moffat County Commissioner


tam9sher1 4 years, 9 months ago

Nice letter, but all costs for response to his burn should be covered by Mr. Gray. Why should our tax dollars go to cover costs for the arrogance and thoughtlessness of one of our county "leaders"? As tight as budgets are he should pay.


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