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Our View

Getting the word out about a garage or yard sale is a key aspect of that event’s success. However the current method of placing boxes at the corner of Victory Way and Finley Lane with sale advertisements attached is unacceptable. The city would be wise to install a few public notice boards around town to give residents a clean way to advertise their sales.

Several years ago, an ordinance was passed in Craig banning residents from hanging signs on telephone polls advertising garage sales, open houses and similar events.

There were several reasons for this ordinance, one of which was to improve the way Craig looks by eliminating the occurrence of telephone poles being littered with old, tattered flyers and a thousand useless staples.

While city officials at the time had the right motives in mind when they approved the ordinance, something even more unsightly has replaced telephone poles as the method for advertising garage sales: the mess of boxes with flyers attached that toward the end of each week clutters the northeast corner of the intersection of Victory Way and Finley Lane.

Don’t misunderstand, the editorial board knows how important yard sales are each spring and summer as residents clean up the clutter acquired throughout the winter, but there must be a better way to advertise these events.

Polluting a very visible intersection in town, one which the Craig Beautification Committee has spend many hours rehabbing, seems silly and is a direct contradiction of the spirit of the telephone pole ordinance.

What’s even worse than the junky appearance the presence of the boxes creates is the fact that they often are left at the corner long after the sales they advertise have taken place. Some just sit there, weighed down by rocks or something similar, while others blow freely in the wind, making the area appear even more littered and unkempt.

If city officials were to address this problem, several solutions could be utilized. They could simply ban advertising for garage and yard sales altogether. However given the number of sales occurring each year and the importance of advertising to their success, the editorial board could not support that plan.

Officials could also repeal the telephone poll ordinance and allow residents to hang flyers on poles again. But while that would be an improvement over the boxes, it doesn’t solve the problem of providing an avenue to advertise for yard sales and open houses in a neat, clean manner.

So rather than move backwards, the editorial board contends the city should look for a way to improve upon the telephone pole ordinance.

One way would be to provide a public notice board or boards around Craig on which people could post flyers and signs. The boards could be installed in places like Alice Pleasant Park or in front of the post office, and would give residents a chance to post and view sale and open house ads without creating an eyesore in town.

However it’s approached, officials need to find an alternative to the boxes that clutter the corner outside Safeway each week. Letting the mess stay is simply unfair to the community, especially to those who dedicate so much of their time to helping keep Craig beautiful.

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Tammy Showalter 4 years, 9 months ago

seriously??? people are lazy and irresponsible....if it bothers folks so much they should drive over to safeway every Sunday and haul them off themselves instead of b****ing about it...just MO


xrsareus 4 years, 9 months ago

The people that leave their litter around town after their yard sale should be given a littering ticket. How much easier can it be. Code enforcment officers on Monday morning go to the corners that get the litter, take a picture of the violations and contact the litters with a ticket. They have the address of each pig that is littering. They must want a ticket if they are to lazy to pick up their signs. If they have more than one sign, they get more than one ticket. If they get a $50 or $100 fine maybe the word would get around and this would stop. Or the daily press could take a picture and publish the address of all the pigs that littered each week. Would maybe more interesting than a lot of the news storys now.


dvoloshin 4 years, 9 months ago

It's been suggested before that there be a central board somewhere in town with messages, same thing though, if they are not removed from the board.

The signs still need to be removed after the sale. The town still looks better without the signs on the poles and duct tape remnants.


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