United Way needs $23K to meet fundraising goal


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Moffat County United Way is seeking additional community assistance in meeting its 2011 campaign goal of $490K.

The organization needs to raise another $23K to prevent reducing funds to agencies it supports.

Donations can be mailed to Moffat County United Way, P.O. Box 995, Craig, CO 81626.

People can also meet with human resources representatives at their workplace to arrange contributions from their paycheck. For more information, call Corrie Ponikvar at 824-6222.

At Thursday’s Moffat County United Way Board meeting, executive director Corrie Ponikvar announced the organization fell short of its 2011 fundraising campaign goal by $23,000. The goal for the year was $490,000.

Ponikvar said it’s the first year United Way has not met goal since beginning in the area in 1978. She attributed the shortfall to the economic downturn.

“I think it’s an anomaly for this year,” she said. “With the economy, the way it was at the national level in 2008, I guess we’re a little bit behind the curve, and we didn’t anticipate how many factors could change in the course of a year.”

The 2011 goal was about the same as the 2010 campaign, which ultimately brought in $498,000.

Ponikvar said United Way often sees an influx of donations in years when residents are facing financial problems.

“It’s kind of ironic because when everybody has money they’re not as concerned about giving to others, but when they’re hit hard they realize other people are too,” she said.

Ponikvar said the trend came from contributing businesses cutting back on employment and individuals who were either unable to make a donation or had to make a smaller one than previous years. On the plus side, large businesses like Tri-State and Twentymile were able to hold steady with their contributions.

Ponikvar and the United Way board are requesting additional assistance from the community in reaching the goal, which is at 96-percent completion.

“We just need to get that other 2- to 4-percent,” she said. “What we’re hoping is for people who want to increase their pledge or people who forgot and still want to give.”

United Way distributes money to 18 agencies in the area that apply for funding, as well as 35 to 40 additional agencies that receive funds from the donor designation part of the organization.

“United Way impacts a lot of community programs,” Ponikvar said. “If we don’t meet our goal, we’ll have to cut a lot of the funding we do.”

Ponikvar said she has yet to seriously consider lowering the goal in the future.

“We haven’t discussed it yet, and we’ve never had to roll it back to the best of my knowledge,” she said. “I’d really hate to see it go down.”

Donations can be made in several ways, such as contacting Ponikvar at 824-6222, or mailing funds to Moffat County United Way, P.O. Box 995, Craig, CO 81626.

People can also meet with human resources representatives at their workplace to arrange contributions from their paycheck.

Ponikvar said she has faith Moffat County residents will come through in hitting the final mark.

“We really want to stress just how much we appreciate everything people have already given,” she said. “We live in a very generous community.”

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truthhurts 5 years, 3 months ago

I stopped donating to United Way when I saw the same organizations dominate the awards.

  1. VNA
  2. Dental Coalition
  3. Horizons
  4. Craig Mental Health
  5. Boys and Girls Club

They continually receive nearly half the funds leaving many worthy orginizations with nothing.

I have chosen to donate directly to an organization I believe is deserving and will continue to do so.


George Robertson 5 years, 3 months ago

Good call truthhurts, that way 15% of your donation doesn't go towards paying United Way executive salaries, AND your chosen organization doesn't have to meet United Ways "standards" to qualify as a deserving charitable entity. What makes them any better at determining who should get your money than you?


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