Letter: Police treatment of officer was unfair — part 2


Editor’s note: Robin Willis submitted the letter below. It exceeded the newspaper’s 500-word limit on letters to the editor, so it’s being published in two parts, the first of which appeared in Friday’s Craig Daily Press.

To the editor:

But, there’s an exception when people have a tendency to judge guilty or not guilty before the court ruling.

Again, this can be linked to a newspaper article in the paper the day after the incident.

I am going to say he was fired on the basis of conduct unbecoming.

Now, the chief’s offense closely matches example H listed under Category III: violating safety/security rules where there is a threat to life, injury, property damage or escape. There is also example B under Category II: violating safety/security rules without a threat to life, injury or property damage.

The difference is with or without threat. This definition of threat, to me, seems to match the description of an unattended loaded firearm: a person or thing that is regarded as dangerous or likely to inflict pain or misery. He is also guilty of example F under Category III, conduct unbecoming.

Why then does one get fired and the other a letter of reprimand?

I am appalled by the way the department handled themselves. I’m aware that no matter how they handled it someone would be upset. That does not deter me from speaking up.

Follow your own procedures.

It states directly under employee discipline that discipline is a process of imposing formal sanctions which will help train or develop an employee, preferably through constructive rather than punitive measures.

Discipline in the department involves training, counseling, and as a last resort, punitive action.

Discipline is to be administered equally, regardless of rank, race, creed, color, sex, or political affiliation. It also states it is based case by case.

The officer who was arrested did not put the public in danger. The police chief obviously did.

Did anything come of the gun being left in a public bathroom? No, but nothing came from the other officer being arrested, either.

Wake up and start being responsible. I’m done trusting city officials.

Robin Willis


Sam Relaford 5 years, 2 months ago

I agree Robin Willis. I looked up the regulations you mentioned and it is very clear on how to handle disipline problems. My understanding of the policy is that they do some kind of retraining or counseling. Then if the problem continues there is a write up. Then after that there is the possibility of termination, or dismisal the call it. There was very few things that actually mentioned imediate termination. The only thing I can remember is if an officer does something to ruin their credibility or interfere with the operation of the police force. Or cauce eminent danger to the public either by their own action or inaction.


justateacher 5 years, 2 months ago

This style of law enforcement is more in the style of Thailand than that of Craig. My daughter loves hearing about current events from the mom and I and always asks about the 'news' in the town where we once lived. I was to ashamed to tell her about this latest news item.


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