News for Thursday, February 16, 2012



Great American Spit Out urges chewing tobacco users to quit

Every so often, Rodney Kowach is reminded of the habit he gave up more than 15 years ago. “Today, I still smell a fresh-opened can of Copenhagen and you go, ‘Oh, that smells good,’ but I know better,” said Kowach, 47, a lifelong Craig resident. He tried to quit chewing tobacco at least four times before he finally succeeded, he said. His story isn’t an uncommon one.

Janet Sheridan: Outhouse oddities and strange socializing

A few years ago, Carol Jacobson, my deceased mentor and friend, showed me an old photograph of a three-hole outhouse that once served a family in rural Moffat County. I remember wondering why a family, isolated among uninhabited acres, would need a three-holer, and I’ve continued to fret about it. Two holes I can understand: one cut smaller so little children don’t slide away into muck and consternation. But three holes could only mean a get-together, and I don’t see pit toilet as a site for socializing. I remember the outhouses from my early childhood as small, utilitarian buildings that smelled bad, not at all appropriate for enjoying the company of others — never mind appetizers and drinks.

On the Record for Feb. 16, 2012

On the Record for Feb. 16, 2012