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Holiday Movie Rundown: Sad, funny, cute — V-Day viewing for all preferences

The day reserved for telling the people you love just how much they mean to you can invoke some pretty powerful emotions. What with the violent legends regarding the man for whom St. Valentine’s Day is named, it’s no surprise that romance on the silver screen can come in all varieties. Some couples may appreciate the lightness of something like “The Proposal,” while others may find the tragic “Love Story” their best bet. If you’re looking for something to snuggle up on the couch with, but you’re not sure which of the varying degrees of devotion in classic and current releases is for you, peruse the following list to determine where you stand on the Movie Love-o-Meter.

On the Record for Feb. 10, 2012

On the Record for Feb. 10, 2012

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2012 Wrestling

Local businesses congratulate the Bulldogs on a great season and wish Garrett Stewart good luck at State.

CMS students take top slots in essay contest

Craig Middle School students recently participated in Patriot’s Pen, a national essay contest sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Three Craig Middle School eighth-graders were selected as this year’s regional winners. Their essays are below.

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‘Haywire’ heroine has neither sugar nor spice

When you’re making a movie, getting all the individual details right is something that can take years to master. Yet, even when you’ve got all the elements in place, things can still go “Haywire.” As a special contractor for the American government’s cloak and dagger operations, Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is used to dealing with people trying to kill her. After a stressful mission to Spain that nearly costs her life, she’s hardly enthusiastic about jumping back into action. But, her boss (Ewan McGregor), who also happens to be her ex, is insistent that she’s the only one who can handle the latest job brought to him by his contacts (Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas). Meeting with a British agent (Michael Fassbender) in Ireland and going undercover as his wife is an easy enough task. Perhaps too easy.

Colorado bill to drug test for welfare advances

Welfare applicants would be subjected to drug tests before receiving benefits under a Colorado proposal that got its first approval Thursday as opponents called the idea immoral and an attack on the poor. Republican Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg told lawmakers that the intent of the bill is not to pick on any group, but to ensure government funds are going to people who need aid, not to people who are using their money to buy drugs. The bill is part of a national wave aimed at cracking down on a perceived misuse of government services in tough economic times. "With our growing debt nationally, and the tough finances in the state, we have to be better at spending our money," Sonnenberg, of Sterling, said. A House committee voted in favor of the bill on a party-line vote with Democrats voting against. Opponents testifying against the bill said it makes negative assumptions about low-income people who are being used as scapegoats during tough economic times. About three dozen states debated proposals last year to require drug screenings before receiving government aid. A handful passed laws, including Florida, where the regulation is being challenged.

Judge allows Fort Collins pot shop ban to proceed

A judge says medical marijuana businesses in Fort Collins will have to shut down by a city-imposed deadline Tuesday. The owners of six marijuana businesses had asked a judge to block the voter-approved ban from taking effect. The Coloradoan reports ( ) a judge on Thursday denied their request for a temporary restraining order, saying the businesses had failed to demonstrate that their constitutional rights were violated by the ban. Colorado residents voted in 2000 to allow small uses of marijuana for medical purposes. But in 2010, lawmakers decided to allow cities and counties to decide whether to allow medical marijuana businesses within their boundaries.

Santorum: Obama trying to allow Iran to have nuke

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on Thursday accused President Barack Obama of actively seeking ways to allow Iran to gain a nuclear weapon and suggested that the administration had betrayed Israel by publicly disclosing what may be a plan to attack the Muslim nation. Santorum drew connections between the administration's opposition to the Keystone pipeline project, which would bring oil from Canada to U.S. refineries, and American dependency on foreign oil and U.S.-Israel relations. "We're throwing Israel under the bus because we know we're going to be dependent upon OPEC," Santorum said during a speech in Oklahoma City. "We're going to say, 'Oh, Iran, we don't want you to get a nuclear weapon — wink, wink, nod, nod — go ahead, just give us your oil.' Folks, the president of the United States is selling the economic security of the United States down the river right now." The U.S. doesn't purchase oil from Iran but its allies do. Pulling Iranian oil from the world market would wreak havoc on oil prices in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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MCHS senior Parker King commits to play golf at CMU

Parker King was 2 years old when he was first introduced to golf. In his grandparents’ backyard, King was swinging away at plastic wiffle balls with all his might. King has come a long way since then, qualifying for the 4A state tournament in his junior year and averaging a score of around 77 this season as a senior at Moffat County High School. Now, King has made the decision to play for the Colorado Mesa University men’s golf team beginning in the fall.

Janet Sheridan: No surprises, please

When I hear about surprise parties, I experience vague feelings of dread, shortness of breath, and hives. It’s the surprise that alarms me, not the party. I like celebrating important events with friends and family members. But what’s to enjoy about normally dignified people yelling “surprise!” and leaping from drapes and houseplants, while I stand agape, wishing I’d brushed my teeth? When surprised, I’d like to respond with a ladylike exclamation of astonishment and glee before trilling, “Thank you. Oh, thank you so much!” I’d like to work my way around the room, hugging and cooing, with appreciative tears making my eyes glisten fetchingly. But I can’t.