News for Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Classes resume in Newtown, minus Sandy Hook

Newtown returned its students to their classrooms Tuesday for the first time since last week's massacre and faced the agonizing task of laying others to rest, as this grieving town wrestled with the same issues gripping the country: violence, gun control and finding a way forward. Funerals were held for two more of the tiny fallen, a 6-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. A total of 26 people were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School in one of the worst mass shootings in U.S history. The gunman also killed his mother in her home before committing suicide. The resumption of classes at all Newtown's schools except Sandy Hook brought a return of familiar routines, something students seemed to welcome as they arrived aboard buses festooned with large green-and-white ribbons — the colors of the stricken elementary school. "We're going to be able to comfort each other and try and help each other get through this, because that's the only way we're going to do it," said 17-year-old P.J. Hickey, a senior at Newtown High School. "Nobody can do this alone."

Gold panning ban defeated in Larimer County

Panning for gold in Larimer County will still be allowed after commissioners rejected a measure that would have banned it. The Loveland Reporter-Herald reports ( ) that two members of the three-person commission rejected a proposal that would have prohibited taking minerals from county lands. A third commissioner was on vacation.

Colorado transportation officials brace for storm

Colorado transportation of crews were fanning out across the Denver metro area to keep the roads open during a wintry storm. Up to 75 Colorado Department of Transportation snowplows were expected to begin working 12 hours shifts in the metro area late Tuesday as the storm moved into the area.

25 Shades of Craig: Songs

“Where there is desire there is going to be a flame, where there is a flame someone is bound to get burned, just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die, you gotta to get up and try, try, try.” When I hear the song “Try” by Pink it not only lifts my spirits, it also inspires me to get back up and keep trying. Songs have always played an important role in my life. Every time I hear certain song it not only transports me back to an exact moment in time, it also changes my mood. I don’t think we fully understand the power music has over us. Every song is a story put to a combination of notes.

CDP Editorial: Searching for security

Our View: Following last week’s tragedy in Newtown, Conn., community members were left with many questions regarding the safety of our children. While Moffat County School District administrators may not have answers to all those questions, their actions in the wake of last week’s shooting show how serious they are about keeping our students safe.

Craig Sports Briefs for Dec. 19, 2012: Week 15 bowling league standings

The latest sports news in Craig, including updated standings from bowling leagues at Thunder Rolls, as well as approaching deadlines for signups in Parks and Recreation events.

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Moffat County wrestlers finish well in Grand Junction tournament

In its first individual-based event of the season, the Moffat County wrestling team came back from Grand Junction with a couple results to write home about. The 35th annual Warrior Classic was held Friday and Saturday at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, with 38 teams from four states competing in individual weight-class tournaments. As one of the strongest early-season tournaments in Colorado, the Warrior presented Moffat County wrestlers with a unique test to gauge their progress so far.

Donna Johnson: Thank you, Caring Consumers program

Donna Johnson President of Craig Lions Club :Letter to Editor

Darryl Willshire: More abuse from CPW

“Colorado Parks and Wildlife to be harassing deer in a area near you.” That’s what the headline should of read Dec. 17 on instead of "Low-flying aircraft to count deer in eastern Colorado." Actually the CPW has already been harassing them here. I was snowmobiling Friday and they were up on Freeman Road chasing deer. They were flying approximately 50-100 feet off the ground and were herding the deer out of the brush and chasing them over the hills.

Moffat County Cancer Society: Thank you, Daily Press

The board members of The Moffat County Cancer Society would like to thank The Craig Daily Press for its very generous donation. All of the money received by The Moffat County Cancer Society remains in Moffat County for our Moffat County cancer recipients. The Moffat County Cancer Society strives to make a bad time a little more tolerable for our Moffat County recipients going through the cancer process. Your very generous donation we recently received from you helps make this happen for many people in Moffat County.

Carissa Condor: Sidewalks mean safety

My family moved to Craig just less than five years ago and almost immediately I noticed a lack of sidewalks and bike lanes in town. This bothered me almost immediately but I have been pushed to the point of writing this letter only recently. And that's because the significant risk that no sidewalks entails has presented itself to me in a very real way. My daughter is a first grader at Sandrock Elementary. In good weather we ride bikes, but in bad weather we tend to drive. Unfortunately I was recently in an accident and we are now a one-car family, which means on certain days we walk. What I have seen walking to and from my daughter's school is, quite frankly, alarming. Of the five blocks we walk to school only one of those blocks has a sidewalk and lucky for us it is mostly kept shoveled by the residents of the block.

Moffat County Commissioners approve items for tax exemption

The Moffat County Commissioners voted to enact tax exemptions at the county level on renewable energy components, beetle wood products, school related sales, farm equipment and the occasional sale by charitable organizations at their regular meeting Tuesday morning. The commission held off on voting on other items the state is now exempting from taxes such as food, until they said they could better know the impact it would have.

Commissioners remove 2 from MCTA board

Moffat County commissioners voted 2-1 Tuesday to remove Bryce Jacobson and Leona Hemmerich from the Moffat County Tourism Association’s board of directors. Commissioner Tom Mathers made the motion to remove Jacobson — the board’s chair — and Hemmerich, saying the two board members had been insubordinate and disruptive. Tom Gray also voted for their removal, while Commissioner Audrey Danner dissented. Jacobson is publisher of the Craig Daily Press. Mathers said he initially considered dissolving the entire MCTA board and starting over, then decided against it after discussion with MCTA director Melody Villard.Tuesday’s county commissioner’s meeting was packed, as people crowded outside the door to hear discussion and give comment on commissioner Tom Mather’s motion to remove Bryce Jacobson and Leona Hemmerich from the Moffat County Tourism Association board.

Manfred J. Woog: Ongoing issues at TMH

It really saddens me as well as my wife that so may doctors that we have come to know and trust, like Drs. Huffmire, Reishus, Crowe, Roberts, Phillips, Pense, Ossen and Rice, have recently left TMH, not to retire, but to take their medical skills to other communities. What an enormous loss this has been to our Craig and Moffat County community. “Craig Daily Press This is our Hospital Monday December 17” Hats off to Al Cashion for his backbone and comments, our sentiment exactly. We need more people with backbones to stand up for what we see and feel is wrong particularly with our own TMH administration and board. The board may have chosen to contract Quorum Health Systems to provide executive administration but they do not own TMH and our board should have the necessary backbone and common sense to direct them in the direction to what we feel is fair and just for our good and valued staff of Doctors and not each and every one given the option of “My Way or the Highway attitude and method of conduct”.

Keith Prescott: Happy at TMH, part 1

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Keith Prescott. I am a Nurse Anesthetist and work with Mike Lyon to provide anesthesia services at The Memorial Hospital. Presently I am pursuing a Jurist Doctorate degree to use in conjunction with my profession of anesthesia. I did my undergraduate in nursing and received a BSN at Thoracic at Mckay-Dee hospital. We took care of many sick patients and I pride myself on the exceptional care and interventions I made on these patients’ behalf. I also worked at a long-term care facility that had chronic tracheotomy and ventilator patients who had suffered paralysis or other neurological events that left them needing constant care. I'm also a father to 5 boys and this coming year I will celebrate 17 years of marriage.

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Craig man charged with criminal intent

Kenneth Layton Arnett, 20, of Craig, was arrested Thursday on theft and shoplifting charges. On Monday he was charged with one count of criminal attempt for possession of materials to manufacture methamphetamine and one count of possession of two or more chemicals with the intent to manufacture amphetamines.