Bryce Jacobson: Your elected officials have spoken



Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

They have said things such as, ‘sometimes you have to do what’s right,’ ‘if there is a conflict of interest – so be it,’ ‘there are citizens against virtually everything.’

They also have said, ‘we know the taxpayer said no in 2002, but this is different, we know we said we wouldn’t do this in 2006, but we have been fiscally responsible.’

I have also heard elected officials lament on many occasions in the past to the fact that taxpayers don’t attend their meetings, and that the public doesn’t seem to care what they are doing.

Because of these comments, I was totally shocked that when taxpayers did show up in large numbers on Tuesday night, our elected officials didn’t allow them to have a voice.

And they wonder why taxpayers don’t get more involved.

Whatever the case may be you, the taxpayer, are now going to pay for the construction of a burn tower. On Industrial Avenue. Whether you like it or not.

Just so you know where I stand, I for one have been in favor and continue to be in favor of building this burn tower. I think that training firefighters is of the upmost importance.

They risk their lives to save ours. We should support them in whatever manner we can afford.

My only concern is that the taxpayers made it pretty clear that they didn’t want this, then they were lied to in 2006 and in part because of that lie, supported the increase in funding that is now being used to fund the building taxpayers already said ‘no’ to.

I believe the taxpayers should be asked to approve it prior to the project moving forward.

So, I guess now it is up to you.

What do you think? Are you going to just let this happen? Do you support their decision? Are you going to try to make a difference? Do you believe this $1.5 million should be spent how they see fit? Should the fireboard continue to be elected in an election separate from any other? What are you going to do?

Our government is supposed to be run by the people, and if people do nothing, nothing will change.

The fireboard believes they have cleared their last hurdle, and maybe they are right.


jamieb5691 4 years, 7 months ago

I totally agree they need a training facility, on the other hand I don't believe their locations they have chose are the best. There are a lot of elderly and asthmatic people living in Craig, so having a lingering cloud of smoke does nothing but cause problems. Our winds or breezes come from the west, sw or nw so build on the west end of Craig. Back by Elam or even further. It will be law suit after law suit for the asthmatics or elderly. People should not be forced to breath this crap. They say they won't burn if winds are wrong. Well they aren't God and can't prevent wind shifts. A lingering cloud of smoke will also chase out any new people who thought Craig would be a pretty place to live. Either way they are doing it, as you said they don't listen to the people.


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