Letter: Spirituality vs. religiousness


To the editor:

This letter is in response to F. Neil Folks’ “I ain’t religious, but I am spiritual” column appearing in Friday’s Craig Daily Press.

Neil, this aphorism is not an oxymoron as you purport. There is a huge difference with spirituality and religiousness.

The word religion is rooted in the Greek word for rule. Spirituality or faithfulness is an individual’s belief system or faith based philosophy on life.

I’m not (sorry, I won’t say “ain’t” because I’m not redneck either) religious, but I am spiritual and faithful.

Please keep in mind that an aphorism is a terse saying embodying a general truth. Hence, you have already acquiesced that there is general truth in the statement that I am not religious, but I am spiritual.

Given that you accept there is general truth in the statement, I feel confident that you can understand that because I choose not to accept an archbishop’s, pope’s or pastor’s interpretation of God’s words, but do choose to accept the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ as my personal savior and follow the Ten Commandments as prescribed in Leviticus, I am spiritual and faithful but not “religious.”

Going to church every Sunday, not eating meat on Fridays and judging others that don’t agree with “our teachings” (ie: following rules), does not make a “good Christian.” Walking in Christ’s footsteps and living as he taught us does.

I would rather be faithful than religious.

Paul Auwaerter

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onewhocares 4 years, 8 months ago

Wow, Paul awesome and very well put letter (though I know Neil has good intentions). I could not agree with you more.

Somewhere along the line, people were brainwashed & controlled into thinking that being controlled by a religious organization and not being able to think on their own or believe on their own, hence the need for a man made bible (torah, etc) to tell him how they should feel and think and act, makes them better in the eyes of God.

This I believe will be the biggest illusion and falsehood in man's existence and for billions will shatter the worlds of those who fell under this veil, that was not of God.

How is it, that many tribal civilizations were here for thousands & thousands of years (the Australian Aborigines for one, not to mention our own Native Ameicans), and left the earth as pure and untouched as when they were born-then the white Christians & Catholics show up, brutally murder everyone, including the souls of all the primitive tribes, leading now to a earth that is almost non-liveable for humans, yet everyone is "Christian." Are those following the Bible from Heaven or from Hell, cause I sure don't see anything Heavenly about followers then or now or the path of destruction left behind to all our native cultures or to our earth.


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