News for Friday, August 24, 2012



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The wait is over

Maurices christens new location with sale, shopping spree drawings

The long awaited opening of Maurices women’s clothing store at its new location in the Tebo Center development next to Walmart has finally arrived. Maurices opened its doors at 5 p.m. Thursday to give local customers a sneak peek at the brand new 5,000-square foot layout. Many returned Friday to shop the latest fashions during Maurices’ first full business day at 1830 W. Victory Way. “It’s going great,” said store manager Andrea Medina. “I was so excited yesterday (Thursday) when we finally opened. How could you not be with how incredible everything turned out?”

Government Update for August 25: Moffat County Commission meeting

When: 9:15 a.m. Tuesday Where: Moffat County Courthouse, 221 W. Victory Way Agenda: • 9:15 to 9:20 a.m. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, moment of silence

Diane Prather: The 1st Day of School

This time of the year, I think back to that first day of school when I was a kid. I attended the Morapos School, just down the road from the ranch, through the eighth grade. After that I rode the bus to high school in Craig. The Morapos School was a one-room school, though some of the county schools had two rooms, an upper room for older pupils and a lower room for younger pupils. A teacher was hired for each room. The Hamilton School was a two-room school.

Petrone welcomes community to new school year

Dear Moffat County school community: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” These often quoted words from Margaret Meade, noted American scientist, echoed Wednesday morning during the opening assembly for the 2012-13 school year. As student leaders took the stage, they inspired and entertained. They reminded us through poignant stories and superlative performances that we — our school and wider community — have profound and lasting influences on them, and them on us.

Letter: Spirituality vs. religiousness

To the editor: This letter is in response to F. Neil Folks’ “I ain’t religious, but I am spiritual” column appearing in Friday’s Craig Daily Press. Neil, this aphorism is not an oxymoron as you purport. There is a huge difference with spirituality and religiousness. The word religion is rooted in the Greek word for rule. Spirituality or faithfulness is an individual’s belief system or faith based philosophy on life.

Letter: 'Thank you' to the yard sale thief

To the editor: I am writing this letter to thank all who supported our yard sale at 352 Taylor St. last weekend. My 6 year old son and I worked very hard to help offset the cost of tuition and back to school clothes for him. We appreciate all who came out and supported our efforts. It is important for us to teach him that nothing in life is free and if you want nice things you must work for them. I also would like to thank the dark haired lady in the white SUV who Friday night stole my sons red Little Tikes art easel.

Matt Winey: Yes it is bad, but do we just want to make it worse?

Yes our health care system in America is Sick, but do we want to just make it sicker? Will ObamaCare improve the health care in America by making it accessible to more citizens and making it more affordable to all of us, by making it a Federal Government run system? President Obama has said in speeches before the ObamaCare law was passed, that we needed to improve our health care system by making it more like the government run health care in Canada, and other nations around the world. I have been studying the facts and the answer to the question stated above is a definite NO.

Al Cashion: The Guardian

There are life lessons that are best taught to the imagination before settling in the frontal lobe for practical use. A story says it best. As all good stories with morals, you must wait until the end to learn, unless the lesson is already with you. The young man was on a journey to find his happiness. This was something he desired and something he felt should be rightfully his. Somewhere, he hoped, he would stumble upon something or someone that would have his happiness wrapped neatly as a gift and present it to him with fanfare. He would be happy.

Editorial: Looking for a sign

Late last month, the Moffat County Tourism Association unveiled a new county logo and slogan, part of an attempt to boost Moffat County’s name recognition and draw more tourists. The effort, as well as the result, was commendable and addressed an issue of great importance for a community trying to diversify its economy. But while the new brand platform addresses how to bring people to Moffat County, a recent addition to the Moffat County Fairgrounds sign facing U.S. Highway 40 helps those that already have made the trip. That addition — a small electronic scrolling marquee — has the potential to help inform visitors of special events and any other helpful tidbits or pieces of news without leaving the comfort of their automobile. It also provides a nice welcome for those coming in to Moffat County for the first time, helps brighten the drab east side of town and is a major upgrade over the older, tree-covered marquee located across the street.

Resource development

White River BLM proposes amendment to increase Piceance Basin oil, gas development

The Bureau of Land Management released Wednesday a draft amendment that could increase oil and natural gas development activity in northwest Colorado. According to a BLM news release the draft White River Resource Management Plan Oil and Gas Amendment analyzes four options for future oil and natural gas development on 1.7 million acres of federal lease minerals administered by the White River Field Office in Moffat, Rio Blanco and Garfield counties. Much of the proposed development is focused in Rio Blanco County where a range of development options could add 4,600 to 21,200 new wells in Piceance Basin. The draft amendment also proposes a variety of mitigation measures to minimize impacts on wildlife and other natural resources.

Briefs for August 25: Bi-Weekly bingo hosted by the American Legion

American Legion Bingo will be held August 25th at the Elks Lodge, 43 W. Victory Way. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. and bingo begins at 5:45 p.m.

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2nd time around

Some Hayden residents regret passing on casino in 1999

When members of the Northern Ute Indian Tribe arrived in Hayden in 1999 hoping to build a casino, they found a town that was expanding. In that year, schools in Hayden taught 100 more students than they did this year. The Routt County Fair welcomed a record crowd of 2,616 people to the grandstands. Developers were planning a new subdivision, and voters approved a tax hike to pay for a $698,000 library expansion. “We weren’t quite on the fat and happy hill, but we were on our way up to it,” Ray Mazzola said earlier this month about the economy he oversaw as mayor of Hayden from 1999 to 2001. “We were starting to get a couple more businesses into the community. We were much better off than we are now.”

On the Record for Aug. 24, 2012

On the Record for Aug. 24, 2012

Colo. clothing companies to dress GOP delegates

The Colorado delegation will have a bit of northern Colorado flair at the upcoming Republican National Convention. Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway, who was elected chairman of the delegation in April, enlisted several local businesses to take part in the delegation's clothing for their week in Tampa, Fla. Conway said many times delegations go through large online companies to order their shirts for conventions, but he said it was important to him that the products were locally done. "I wanted to make sure that our local small businesses designed and produced all of the items the entire Colorado delegation will be wearing at the Republican National Convention," Conway said. "Small business is the backbone of our economy, and we wanted to make a statement by having our items produced locally by small businesses." Karen Pelzer of William Moore Jewelry in downtown Greeley designed the delegation button and logo for the T-shirts. She said she wanted to combine Colorado and the host state Florida into one design. Her final product is the Colorado flag, in a mountain shape, on a beach with palm trees behind it.