On the Record for Aug. 21, 2012


Moffat County Jail

Monday, Aug. 20

Aaron Paul Penner, 32, of Indian Hill, was booked into Moffat County Jail on suspicion of violating a restraining order and domestic violence.

Moffat County Sheriff’s Office

Monday, Aug. 20

Deputies performed three follow-up investigations.

Deputies responded to two requests to assist another agency.

Deputies responded to a theft.

Deputies responded to two animal complaints.

Deputies performed a routine relay.

Deputies performed seven traffic stops.

Deputies performed six security checks.

Deputies responded to a civil problem.

Deputies inspected a vehicle.

Deputies responded to a BOLO call.

Deputies responded to an abandoned vehicle.

Deputies performed a smoke investigation.

Deputies served a warrant.

Deputies performed community policing.

Deputies responded to a suspicious person.

Craig Police Department

Monday, Aug. 20

Officers performed three follow-up investigations.

Officers responded to a noise complaint.

Officers performed 10 traffic stops.

Officers performed two security checks.

Officers performed community policing twice.

Officers responded to code enforcement.

Officers responded three times to found property.

Officers responded to a civil problem.

Officers responded to four requests to assist another agency.

Officers responded to two animal complaints.

Officers responded to two requests to assist a resident.

Officers responded to a theft.

Officers responded to harassment.

Officers responded to a burglary.

Officers inspected two vehicles.

Officers responded to trespassing.

Officers responded to property damage.

Officers responded to a traffic complaint.

Officers responded to an alarm.

Craig Fire/Rescue

Monday, Aug. 20

Firefighters responded to a small HAZMAT spill.

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