Letter: City and VFW need to come to an agreement


To the editor:

The inability of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 and the City of Craig to come to an agreement seems to defy common sense on both sides.

The land in question is worth more than the appraised value of $25,000. The city doesn't want to pay a huge sum, but the VFW doesn't want to be paid less than it is worth.

The solution could be that the city, Moffat County and the VFW work together to build a memorial for Medal of Honor recipient Major William Adams with a place for the names of every veteran from Moffat County who has served our country.

It should be as well presented as our museum.

The VFW should pay its own water and sewer bill and the city should pay the $1,000 per month lease, which is not overcharging the city and certainly not making the VFW a profit.

It's just fair at a bargain price.

John Smith

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David Moore 4 years, 11 months ago

I can agree with everything in this letter other than the $1000 per month rent. That is an outrageous, selfish price and as a taxpayer I would never support such a request. Maybe if it was a lease to own kind of deal because it would take a little over two years to own it at the appraised market price, but never as rent payment, that's greed. If this is where they are going to draw the line, let them have their land.


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