Letter: Tax Day Freedom Rally


To the editor:

In reading the article about the tax day Freedom rally, comments are required.

First, thank you Bears Ears Tea Party Patriots for caring. I was out of town and unable to attend, so again thank you.

I will try and put this into perspective for people: those who attended are paying attention to the crisis in this country, and those who did not need help with the numbers.

Approximately 55 people, less than half of 1 percent of the population of Moffat County are addressing issues that affect 100 percent of you.

I have raised the subject before that apathy is not an option. One only need look at the disaster created by people unwilling to go the extra mile, and now instead of a large problem, we have a major crisis.

Some more numbers to consider: conservatives and moderates outnumber liberals by approximately 3 to 1, so why are we getting liberalism shoved down our throats?

One reason is apathy, and another is people are too lazy to get off their backsides and do something about it. We have a president and a Democrat-controlled Senate that is doing everything in their power to destroy this great country, a president who has spent his entire first term running for his second term and ignoring the plight of this country.

The message from our leader is we need more government help to get by, therefore we must raise taxes on those nasty rich people.

More numbers: first we could tax these rich people at 100 percent, i.e., take all of their money, and it would not even pay for 1 year of government spending, and the rich would be broke and unable to provide jobs to anyone else.

Let's place the blame where it belongs: there is a spending problem in Washington, D.C., not a revenue problem.

The top 10 percent of these nasty job creators pay almost 70 percent of the income tax revenue now, while 47 percent of taxpayers pay zero income taxes, the rest of us make up the other 30 percent.

Which half are you in? The practice of distributing the wealth is a blatant attempt to buy votes and is ruining this country.

When more people are riding in the wagon than there are people pulling it, the wheels will come off and we will be no different than Greece. Wake up, people, and get your facts somewhere besides the left wing talking points and the liberal biased news media.

There is not a week goes by that you cannot find at least one or two intentional manipulations of the facts or outright lies coming out of this administration and their lapdog press.

If you won’t do something about the problems facing our nation for yourself, do it for your grandchildren. We have before us two options: the first is a system that has worked for centuries and has built the greatest nation in history, and the second is a socialist welfare system that is self destructing before our eyes in Europe.

Please choose wisely.

John Williams

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native_craig_guy 5 years ago

For a second there you sounded like an Occupy protester. I agree that we have an issue, but do not think that everyone in this county is apathetic just because they do not belong to your stupid club. If you guys would wake up and drop some of the god crap out of your rhetoric maybe people would take you seriously. A political rally should NEVER be opened with a prayer, unless you want to be like Iran.... I cant stand self righteous ignorant people who constantly consider themselves to be superior on ever matter that they come across.


mwiney55 5 years ago

So we have another person who does not believe that politics and a belief in God should mix. Here is a quote from George Washington on the subject. "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports." Looks like native_craig_guy one of our greatest founding fathers (George Washington) would not be inclined to agree with you. Matt Winey


FedUpWithLies 5 years ago

Wisconsin is a great example of how giving more money to the "job creators" really pays off. Scott Walker made unprecidented cuts in education and social programs, while giving tax cuts to the corporations, saying he would create 250,000 jobs with the help of business-tax breaks. He has lost 16,900 jobs and Wisconsin placed 42nd in the most recent Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States index, which includes personal income, tax revenue and employment. You can't take money from the middle class and poor and give it to the rich, while expecting this country to get better. It has never worked before and it won't work now! We have to get back to America for the people, not America for the corporations. If you can't see this for what it is, a corporate takeover, you are in for a rude awakening.


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