News for Friday, April 20, 2012



On the Record for April 20, 2012

On the Record for April 20, 2012

Janet Sheridan: In praise of poets

I’ve had a rocky relationship with poetry since my Mother Goose days. I admired the little girl who had a little curl and who, when bad, was horrid. But, I questioned the intelligence of Little Jack Horner: with an entire Christmas pie to himself, he ate only the plum? I enjoyed sitting with my siblings in a circle of lamplight as Mom introduced us to the highwayman “riding, riding, up to the old inn door,“ Paul Revere sending a “cry of alarm to every Middlesex village and farm,” and the raven croaking, “Nevermore.” Then in third grade during a lesson on rhyme, Mrs. Beal had us write a couplet with the word “day” at the end of the first line. I sighed, chewed my pencil, and worried.

Letter: National Infant Immunization Week

During National Infant Immunization Week, we want you to know that we, as nurses, fully support and encourage vaccination to people of all ages, especially infants. We firmly stand behind the safety and effectiveness of vaccines and we believe vaccinating may be the most important health-promoting intervention we perform. As parents, this is an opportunity to give your children the best chance at a healthy life. Immunizations have had an enormous impact on improving the health of many in the U.S., including children, families and communities.

Letter: A place is what you make it

I have been on vacation in Craig. Last week, I was able to experience our community from a different perspective. We attended a three-day class at Colorado Northwestern Community College that brought HVAC techs from Denver, Pueblo, Grand Junction, Glenwood Springs, and Carbondale to Craig. The instructor was from Cleveland. We attended eight hours of class and then in the evening we all went out to dinner together, much as you do when you go to a meeting in Las Vegas or anywhere. On Monday night, it was the Tin Cup. Plank salmon was a favorite. Tuesday we went to JW Snacks and the only complaint there was the lack of sweet potato French fries. All other food there was deemed excellent.

Letter: Supermax no party

The article on Super Max was interesting. My youngest son, Marc, is a correction’s officer there. The prison was built for the worst of the worst, and they are guarded by the best of the best. They are well trained in what they do. It is no party for those who are sent there. They are a threat to all of us and to our country. They deserve to only see the light of day one hour per day.

Sports Briefs for April 20: MCHS baseball slammed 11-3 by Rangely

The Moffat County High School varsity baseball team fell, 11-3, in its Thursday afternoon home game against Rangely. The loss puts the Bulldogs season record at 3-9. Coach Justin Folley said the Bulldogs suffered from a frequent rotation of players on the mound. “We gave up some runs we shouldn’t have, but Rangely’s a good-hitting ball club,” he said. Senior Carlos Maldonado helped chip away at Rangely’s early lead, hoping to rally his team in the bottom of the fifth inning by stealing home on a passed ball to bring the score to 7-3, but the home team’s scoring dried up from there and Rangely added four more runs.

Briefs for April 20: Local church hosting movie night

Calvary Baptist Church, 1050 Yampa Ave., will present a screening of “Courageous,” a movie from the creators of “Fireproof,” at 7 p.m. today. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m., and the movie will follow. The event is free and open to anyone. For more information, call 824-5222.