Moffat County Booster Club prepares for fundraising opportunities


If you go ...

What: 2012 Moffat County Booster Club meeting

When: 6:30 p.m. May 2

Where: Library at Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane.

— For more information about the meeting or the Booster Club, call club president Tony Peroulis at 824-4445.

Tony Peroulis said getting ideas out in the open is the only way to get them in motion.

At the Moffat County Booster Club meeting Thursday in the auditorium at Moffat County High School, Peroulis, the club president, listened to the members in attendance as they threw out ideas on raising money and brining in new members.

“We have started with small steps,” Peroulis said to the members. “But, the main thing is that we are getting started.

“We have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and come together, but we can’t let ideas sit ideal.”

The first official meeting after last month’s membership drive revolved around fundraising ideas and creating a committee to oversee membership and fundraising.

Peroulis was the first to volunteer for the committee.

“If 30 people volunteered for the committee, we would have 30 people, but we just need a nucleus to start,” he said. “The committee will help us get things going and plant seeds so everyone will have something to vote on and make decisions happen.”

After the membership drive and the 29th annual Spring Expo, the Booster Club has about 68 members signed up.

The members talked Thursday about picnics, bingo, golf tournaments and dinner banquets as ways of raising money and bringing in new members.

The biggest discussion was on the topic of hosting the barbeque before the Grand Olde West Days concert May 27.

Shannon Russell, a committee member for the Grand Olde West Days, said the committee would like to offer the barbeque hosting responsibilities to the Booster Club first.

MCHS principal Thom Schnellinger also suggested the Booster Club set up tables at graduation in May, at fall registration and during football and basketball games.

“We had a lot of good ideas come out, and that is how we get started,” Peroulis said. “The committee will get together and work on how to implement these ideas and getting volunteers to work the events we want to do.”

No matter the event, Peroulis said the goal is to have MCHS or CMS athletic or academic teams submit requests for needs and then work the events to help raise the money.

“Funding is tight, so one reason we are here to assist in funding,” he said. “If teams have wants or needs, we want to help, but we want the kids to put in a little elbow grease so they can say they helped earn what they are getting.”

Peroulis said during the meeting the Booster Club is expected to qualify as a non-profit organization by April 20.

The club will also begin handing out letters to local businesses in preparation for the business membership drive in the fall.

“All the members we can get and the money we can raise is a win for the kids,” Peroulis said. “Everything we are doing is to provide better opportunities for the kids.”

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ggal 5 years ago

It's fine on Mr.Schnellinger to have ideas on where to have tables set up, but on Graduation come on. This is a day for Celebration for those kids that are Graduation and nothing more.


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