Letter: U.S. moving toward Socialism


To the editor:

Please stand up.

Aristotle once wrote that, in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. In essence, we are responsible for the direction our country is heading, for the leaders we choose, and we’ll be responsible for the condition our country is in as we pass it to our children.

This is not intended to be another political complaint, but instead an impassioned plea for all to stand for our beliefs.

For decades, we’ve been told killing unborn babies was legal in our society, celebrating the real reason for Christmas was not permitted, and the Commandments are no longer applicable in our halls of justice.

Now we’re being told we’ll be forced to financially support contraception and the killing of innocents.

Yes, it’s been said these charges will be covered by insurance companies. But, who pays the insurance premiums?

It’s time we stand up.

I’ve read that 78 percent of people in our country are professed Christians, 2 percent of the population is atheist, and the rest don't really care.

Really? Then someone tell me why the vast majority of us are being kicked around by the few. I once believed our country was governed by the majority, despite all evidence to the contrary, I guess.

It’s time we stand up.

This year's election could very well be the most important election we'll ever have. Religious leaders have said this for months.

This year's election could also be the last one we'll ever have.

Our country, in my opinion, is headed for Marxist Socialism, where God is relegated to a Sunday morning pastime, unwelcome in public, and expelled from the affairs of state.

If the Christians of this country don't exercise our God-given responsibility, speaking together to defend our founding principles, we may never get the chance again.

It’s time we stand up.

We have a responsibility to pass on to our children a future our fathers died to secure for us.

Did we get this life because our parents were content to be entertained by reality TV while the reality of their own lives was being stolen from them?

Do we really think our God will honor our inaction in the face of the atheistic onslaught that is turning our face from Him?

We sing to our God our praise, thanksgiving and allegiance in our churches regularly. It’s time we put our faith into action outside of church.

It’s time we stand up.

My good friends, my fellow Christian citizens, it’s time we make our voices heard. If we do not write letters to our elected officials, we are not raising a voice.

The only voices they will have to listen to are those who would destroy our children's future, and we will be to blame.

If we do not vote for our faith in our public forums, our faith — the faith upon which our

country was founded — will no longer have a voice.

It’s time we stand up.

David T Hainault

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jamcolo 5 years ago

It's called the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. If you believed our country was governed by the majority you were wrong. Don't matter if 99% want a law if it goes against the Constitution it is unlawful.

Abortions are legal in this country.If we had better sex education in our schools with more access to more forms of birth control the number of unwanted pregnancy abortions and a lower baby mortality rate.

Why not care more for all the hungry babies and young children in this country before worrying about ones not even born.

Case in point, Last year Colorado republican voted to take school breakfast and lunches away from poor kids.

Our nation was founded by people who emigrated here to escape religious persecution in Europe. Why would they make a country that does the same to others?

The republican house has already passed Ryan Paul's new plan. It will raise taxes on working families and give the rich another huge tax break.

If socialism is so bad why are the happiest people living in socialist countries? they enjoy better health, better healthcare, live longer,have less crime,FAR lower abortion rates, lower baby mortality rates,better education

In november we have a choice Socialism or Religious Theocracy. I will go with Socialism.


wanton1001 5 years ago

Do you want better form of birth control? it's called abstinence, people these days should try it...


George Robertson 5 years ago

wanton1001 I tried that, but it kind of backfired. My wife still got pregnant *wink


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