News for Friday, April 13, 2012



Couple events


Report points to sustained economic recovery in Moffat County

Several key indicators point to a continued, but slow, economic recovery for Moffat County, with both gross retail sales and unemployment numbers expected to improve during the second quarter. Scott Ford, a local economic analyst and an advisor for Yampa Valley Data Partners, said the group’s second quarter economic forecast gives reason for optimism in Northwest Colorado. “We’re just barely moving on some stuff, but it’s there,” Ford said, referring to economic indicators like consumer confidence, consumer spending and unemployment. Ford said one of the region’s most reliable data tools is the economic stress indicator, which analyzes the total local workforce and the number of jobs from year to year.

Briefs for April 13: Book drive ends today

Today is the final day to donate used books to the Friends of Moffat County Education’s 13-3 Book Project. The project is designed to gather 13,000 books to give away to local preschool through fifth-grade students. Books can be dropped off at East Elementary School, 600 Texas Ave; Ridgeview Elementary School, 600 Westridge Road; Sandrock Elementary School, 201 E. Ninth St.; Sunset Elementary School, 800 W. Seventh St.; Craig Middle School, 915 Yampa Ave.; or Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane.

Letter: Keep Craig beautiful

This is for the person or people who deemed (means thought) it was appropriate (means OK) to leave several large bags of trash and broken beer bottles on top of the Sandrocks above Moffat County High School: I’m a person who loves the outdoors, no matter what the season. Just being outside brings me much joy and happiness. The pristine (means untouched) beauty of Craig and Moffat County often astounds me (means blows me away), and I know many others who live here who feel the same way. Walking on top of the Sandrocks in the spring is one of the many privileges (means benefits) of living here.

Letter: Month of the Young Child

Young children here in Craig deserve the best we can give them. April has been proclaimed Month of the Young Child officially by both the Moffat County Commission and the Craig City Council. It is a time to recognize the needs of young children and thank the adults involved in their education and care. Parents, teachers, caregivers and other adults play important roles in the lives of young children, and Month of the Young Child celebrates their efforts.

Letter: U.S. moving toward Socialism

Please stand up. Aristotle once wrote that, in a democracy, people get the government they deserve. In essence, we are responsible for the direction our country is heading, for the leaders we choose, and we’ll be responsible for the condition our country is in as we pass it to our children. This is not intended to be another political complaint, but instead an impassioned plea for all to stand for our beliefs. For decades, we’ve been told killing unborn babies was legal in our society, celebrating the real reason for Christmas was not permitted, and the Commandments are no longer applicable in our halls of justice.

Janet Sheridan: Winning the day

Sometimes when the green-bursting wonder of spring overwhelms all other considerations, I remember a childhood race and an adult conversation: two occasions when I accomplished the impossible, said the right thing, proved my mettle. On clean-up day, an annual spring event at Lake Shore Elementary, students spent the afternoon outdoors: raking, weeding, collecting trash, and complaining. We tried to behave, but running wild in the heady air of spring appealed to us much more than sweeping sidewalks. As the afternoon wore on, our high spirits took over, and we began throwing gravel, swinging sacks of garbage at each other, and hiding from our teachers behind the scraggly shrubs edging the school.

Moffat County Booster Club prepares for fundraising opportunities

Tony Peroulis said getting ideas out in the open is the only way to get them in motion. At the Moffat County Booster Club meeting Thursday in the auditorium at Moffat County High School, Peroulis, the club president, listened to the members in attendance as they threw out ideas on raising money and brining in new members. “We have started with small steps,” Peroulis said to the members. “But, the main thing is that we are getting started. “We have crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and come together, but we can’t let ideas sit ideal.”