Congressmen meet with Postmaster General


U.S. Reps. Scott Tipton and Cory Gardner sat down Monday with Postmaster General Pat Donahoe to discuss the U.S. Postal Service’s consideration of branch closures.

Tipton and Gardner reiterated problems the closures would create for Colorado rural businesses and communities. They also asked Donahoe to keep possible alternatives in mind.

After the meeting, Tipton and Gardner issued the following statement:

“We acknowledge that the USPS is in need of systemic reforms, and we understand that Gen. Donahoe has some tough decisions ahead of him. It is our hope, however, that as part of Gen. Donahoe’s decision-making process he consider other alternatives.

“Gen. Donahoe has indicated that the total savings nationwide that would result from the closure of all of the post offices listed in the discontinuance study would be in the range of $150 to $200 million annually, a fraction of the Postal Service’s $73 billion annual operating costs. It is clear that if the USPS is going to make the fundamental changes necessary to compete, it should look somewhere other than rural post offices.”

Donahoe told Tipton and Gardner that he would work with their offices as USPS seeks to make fundamental changes necessary to survive in today’s competitive economic environment.

USPS is currently conducting discontinuing studies at 3,651 branches nationwide in an effort to curb costs and manage an $8 billion debt.

Seventy-one post offices in Colorado are slated for study. Sixty-one of those branches reside in Tipton and Gardner’s Third and Fourth Congressional Districts, respectively, including post offices in Hamilton, Maybell and Slater.

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marielaina 5 years, 5 months ago

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