Rosemary Potter: ‘Incredible arrogance’


To the editor:

President Barack Obama has just made another end run around Congress.

Since the Republicans would not pass his jobs bill, the president said, “We can’t wait. If they won’t do it, I will.”

It’s a pretty amazing statement. He has decided that he will rule by executive decree, no matter what the Constitution says about checks and balances. He just went out of bounds again, and the crowd either cheers (if they’re on the side that’s receiving the benefits of his decrees) or sits there in astonishment at his incredible arrogance.   

This time his decree is that he will take your taxes (rather your great grandchildren’s taxes, since he gave away your and your children’s and your grandchildren’s money a long time ago) and make other people’s house payments with them.

Where did he get that authority? He’s making up his own rules as he rules. Consider the fact that he wants to grant amnesty to preferred categories of illegal immigrants, and even sued the state of Arizona for trying to protect its citizens from the hordes coming across their southern border.

What are his reasons for such abuse of power? Could it possibly be that those who receive federal money to make their house payments, and those who are supported in this country illegally will be voting in 2012?

Someone better blow the whistle and throw this rule-breaker out. If Congress won’t do it, maybe the crowd better get out of the bleachers, and down on the field and take action.

We’re the ones paying his salary. He’s not our boss. We’re his boss.  

The rule of law in our nation is more than a game. Our freedom depends on it. Or maybe you like being forced into making other people’s house payments.

Rosemary Potter

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tam9sher1 5 years, 6 months ago

I believe the point of this is that congress has to do SOMETHING rather than what they've been doing for so long now to improve the economy. I'd rather take a chance on something being tried than wait for these nincompoops to decide that "the economy will improve on its own." as they sit back with their fat wallets and watch the middle class dissolve under the weight of paying for the way for the elites.


Andrew Russo 5 years, 5 months ago

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...." We live in a plutocratic oligarchy that will remain so as long as we have a two party system run by two totally corrupt political parties where money rules. Throw out the incumbents and you get another incompetent politician offered up by the ruling political parties. "We the people" are now we the corporations. After all, corporations are people, ask Willard Romney or SCOTUS.


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