Moffat County real estate transactions for September 2011


A listing of Moffat County property sales and purchases

Buyer: Folks, Courtland & Tonia

Seller: Billings, Timothy L & Deborah L

Address: 774 Riford Rd.

Sale price: $100,000

Buyer: Turner, Daniel Kyle & Jacqueline Paige

Seller: Turner, Chris M & Vera G

Address: 1085 Kowach St.

Sale price: $150,000

Buyer: Ibarra, Iraida I

Seller: Kawchack, Betty Joe

Address: 1535 W. Victory Way

Sale price: $118,000

Buyer: Jenkins, Donald D & Marlene M

Seller: Beneficial Colorado Inc

Address: 6629 County Rd. 15

Sale price: $148,000

Buyer: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 3425 Ridgeview Rd.

Sale price: $23,900

Buyer: Federal National Mortgage Association

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 51 Country Ln.

Sale price: $287,000

Buyer: HSBC Bank USA

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 734 Barclay St.

Sale price: $114,000

Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank Na

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 330 County Rd. 204

Sale price: $191,000

Buyer: Carlson, Mark & Maranda

Seller: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co

Address: 244 Barker St.

Sale price: $125,200

Buyer: Quigley, Jacob L & Katie M

Seller: Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development

Address: 1283 Sunrise Ln.

Sale price: $94,200

Buyer: Burgess, John

Seller: Martinez, Gary & Hilda

Address: T3n R91w Sec. 10-11, Desc.

Sale price: $625,000

Buyer: Carrasco, Maria C

Seller: Preece, Carrol Ann

Address: 1292 Sunset Cir.

Sale price: $169,000

Buyer: Moon, Doyle Allen & Ashley Nicole

Seller: Leach, Trevor J & Tonya

Address: 205 Johnson View Rd.

Sale price: $157,850

Buyer: Chambers, Jeremy Paul & Cynthia Jane

Seller: Jorgensen, Alan G & Laurie G

Address: 883 Columbine St.

Sale price: $233,000

Buyer: Bricco, Jennifer M

Seller: Rhodes, Glenda L

Address: 820 Taylor St.

Sale price: $89,800

Buyer: Galloway, Kermit

Seller: Federal National Mortgage Association

Address: 19565 County Rd 17, Lay

Sale price: $60,000

Buyer: Wells Fargo Bank Na

Seller: Public Trustee

Address: 1366 Sage Ct.

Sale price: $114,000

Buyer: Hampton, Tyler

Seller: Brockmann, Doris E & Messing, Deanna Jo

Address: 871 Breeze St.

Sale price: $145,000

Buyer: Batchelor, Melvin E & Sharon

Seller: Harper, Dennis P

Address: 2070 Grackle Rd.

Sale price: $16,000

Buyer: Quintero, Naila

Seller: Kamzalow, Nicholas J

Address: 34 E. Victory Way

Sale price: $95,000

Buyer: Burciaga, Ivan A Duarte

Seller: Kearnes, Roger Harry

Address: 560 E. 7th St.

Sale price: $160,000

Buyer: Peed, Doug

Seller: Campbell, Jeanine V

Address: 1016 Sequoia Ave.

Sale price: $96,000

Buyer: Hurth, C

Seller: Germano, Donald & Kathlyn

Address: 5215 County Road 70-Slater

Sale price: $105,000

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