David Morris: ‘Where were you?’


To the editor:

As a teacher and an environmentalist, I have to say that I am not too pleased with the complaints being made by the Colorado State Board of Education and Marcia Neal, Republican vice chairwoman of the education board, in particular.

Neal wrote a letter complaining about protections that have been given to the Vermillion Basin. She wants the basin exploited as a means of getting money for education.

My question is, where were you, Ms. Neal, when people were being asked to vote for ballot measure 103, which would have provided taxpayer money for Colorado education?

I don’t recall hearing or seeing a single word of support from you on that ballot initiative.

Ms. Neal, my advice to you is that you dig up oil and gas in your own backyard.

David Morris

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native_craig_guy 5 years, 5 months ago

We continue to have tax increases to fund education... yet we have been the only district in the state to grant raises to teachers. This was accomplished by sacrificing administrative and support positions that were essential to the school district. I am all for funding school districts, but they need to be fiscally responsible. I fail to see how teachers should get raises when the rest of the government in the state is frozen and haven't seen raises in years. If educational funds were truly important to the teacher's union than they would have kept their wages frozen and used the funds to offset some of the cuts in other areas. I also am not going to vote for a bill that increases funding when we still have no cuts in "non-educational services" for our students. The primary function of the school system is to provide an education for our children, not to teach them how to play sports. If anything needs to be cut it should be cuts in the school's sports programs. The cuts can be offset by participation fees or by sponsors from local businesses who want to see high school sports. Bottom line is that we need to continue to provide the highest level of education possible for our children. Cutting teachers, resources and support staff, but continuing to give raises and pay coaches is contrary to the primary mission of the school district. As far as the Vermilion Basin goes...... there should be no issues with limited drilling in the area. Additional requirements could be placed on corporations regarding proper environmental stewardship and environmental remediation after the fact. There is a way to tap our national resources and become energy independent without damaging the environment. Take a look at Alaska's policy on drilling and exploration. It is comprehensive and effective... It is really easy to say "No" to something.... it takes will, intellect and character to find a workable solution.


rhonda stehle 5 years, 5 months ago

I think we are taxed enough and I think the oil and gas industry should help us fund our schools and by the way I voted against proposition 103.


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