H. Neal Glanville: Rebuilding Joplin



H. Neal Glanville

On Thursday morning, I watched news footage of the remains of Joplin, Mo.

Throughout the newscast, commentators were nonstop in their whining about how much it was going to cost to rebuild a city that for most residents, is no longer there.

Not only is there a path of complete destruction, everything these people owned and cherished, old or new, is gone.

No home, no car, nothing.

Yet, these commentators could only speak of the cost, which at last estimate was $1 billion.

The last shot in the news footage was a small American flag stuck into the stump of a tree in someone’s front yard.

Our last check to Pakistan was $3 billion. That’s the same country that openly hid the most wanted terrorist on the planet.

We wasted untold amounts of money on “cash for clunkers” bailouts for car companies and a stimulus bill that still hasn’t totaled out yet.

But, a pile of moan and grown commentators is all a flutter over a billion dollars, which in perspective is like having a flat tire in front of Big O, or say a town unable to pay for its own Independence Day fireworks.

I’m ashamed the “Show Me State” will become the “You Showed Us Alright State,” blackening yet another eye in our country’s attempt at self worth.

Now for something completely different

Fishing this past week has been poor to suicidal for the worms involved.

As the weather warms even more, the cruddy conditions will continue.

If you’re into big pike, the state park between Craig and Hayden is the spot.

Although you will have to pay to fish, stories abound of 30-inch fish being taken.

And finally

I will once again be at the Glen Sherman Pond at Wyman Museum offering fishing tips and fly-fishing lessons for kids.

All I ask is a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network, and a smiling face.

Hey, you be careful out there, and stay to the light.

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wellwell 5 years, 10 months ago

Hal, that was a very good article.

We seem to give to the rest of the world in an effort to make friends, and they believe us to be fools. While at home we can't give as much to our own disasters!

I really don't believe "we the people" are fools, but those that are "leaders", instead of representing, are the trying to fool everyone else.


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