Jane Hume: Rule should apply to all


To the editor:

Nguyen Bolek wrote last week about her frustration of not being allowed to protect a tree at her late husband’s gravesite at the Craig Cemetery

The policy is, “no fences.”

I know the problem is not upkeep at the site, as Ms. Bolek takes meticulous care of it. The problem is the greater number of deer and their changing diet.

I know that because the animals got my grape plant last summer for the first time ever.

So, perhaps the ban of fences should be lifted. Colorado custom is fence the livestock out, not in.

But whatever the rule, for fences or not, it should be followed by everyone.

Jane Hume

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Andrew Russo 5 years, 11 months ago

"But whatever the rule, for fences or not, it should be followed by everyone."

And it isn't. There are trees with small fences around them, allowed or not.

There are also 2 stations where people can pick up plastic bags to clean up after their dogs. As I was paying my respects at Gen. Chester James' grave site today, (as I do every day) dog in tow, on leash, a member of the VFW burial detail stopped to tell me he didn't think the cemetery was the proper place to be walking a dog. When I asked why, he said because the dog might poop (with a more crude word) and someone might step in it. Apparently, the gentleman is unaware of the 2 stations in the cemetery. As a lifetime member of the VFW, I don't think it proper that someone representing the organization, in uniform, be harassing people.


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