Moffat County School District closing in on new assistant superintendent


Superintendent Joe Petrone said the Moffat County School District received 21 applications for the assistant superintendent position.

“There was a very solid candidate pool,” Petrone said.

The school district has narrowed the applicant pool to four finalists, and those candidates will attend job interviews today and Thursday.

In January, Christine Villard, the district’s current assistant superintendent, announced she would resign effective July 1.

The school district began its review of applications March 14 and started planning interviews last week, Petrone said.

Petrone said the candidate selection process for an assistant superintendent is different than for superintendent.

“A statute governs searches, elections and interviews of a superintendent very clearly,” he said. “It’s public and published.

“But, this is an internal interview for an assistant superintendent.”

Petrone said he prefers the candidates’ names remain confidential until a final decision is made.

However, Petrone said three of the candidates are from outside the district, and one candidate is currently with the school district.

All four candidates currently work as administrators in school districts.

Beginning today, each candidate will meet separately with a 15-person selection committee comprised of district principals, various faculty members and one Moffat County School Board member.

Next, the candidates will meet with a smaller version of the selection committee, and they will also sit for a one-on-one interview with Petrone.

Petrone said he was pleased with the quality of all applicants.

“From my point of view, and hopefully from the community’s point of view, it is certainly a delight to see the interest we had in Moffat County,” he said. “And, as a superintendent … it’s exciting to see the talent that has indicated their interest in coming to our little part of Colorado.”

Petrone said a decision could be reached as early as Friday, but an official announcement won’t be made until the April 28 school board meeting.

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Parent1 6 years ago

Dr. Petrone dosn't mind cutting the teaching staff to make budget. Maybe he should consider doing a liitle sacrificing himself and hold off hiring an assistant. How about it school board?


xrsareus 6 years ago

Sounds like the school board is going to be cutting teacher and para jobs because of the budget cuts. That means the teachers left are going to have to have more students in each class and do more with less help. It seems to me that the administration side of the school district should also be subject to these cuts and maybe not hire a assistant superintendent at this time. How many teachers could keep their job with not replacing the assistant super at this time?


justthefacts 6 years ago

Fact: Loose a swimming pool and an Assistant Superintendent, save 5 teachers!!!

Fact: Loose a School Board that just follows the lead of the adminstration and provides no value to the community, save two more teachers!!!!

Just The teacher saving Facts


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