Rick Barnes: Change is needed


To the editor:

As of March 2, it became apparent that it is time to put our newly elected GOP central committee officers’ feet to the fire.

These people assured not only our precinct chairs, but also Moffat County, that they not only had the time, but the desire to commit to their respective jobs.

As it stands, the election of the new GOP central committee officers was nothing but a title and name-builder from the good old boys club and/or the county’s elite, again.

A lot of time and effort went into setting up and organizing a forum for all newly elected GOP local officials, from five counties, to meet and ask questions of the state GOP central committee candidates which would have opened up a communication line between these candidates and the local GOP officials that is not there now.

These candidates not only rearranged their schedules, but drove 250 miles to be here to address the voting members and citizens of our counties.

Our local GOP voting members did not give the respect not only to these candidates, but to Moffat County as a whole, to drive 40 miles to Steamboat Springs.

This was not just an embarrassment to me and the other two residents of Moffat County who were there, but also to Moffat County as a whole.

Our local GOP officials want more involvement from the community, young and old, but how can this happen when they aren’t even getting involved themselves?

The citizens of Craig and Moffat County need to ask this question, to start with.

How can we expect our central committee officers to drive 250-plus miles to vote for our state central committee officers when they won’t even drive 40 miles to get to know the candidates who are running for these offices?

To get our governments back to a more transparent and fiscal way of governing, it has to start right here in our own front yards.

The citizenry must start getting involved and let our elected officials know we are not just sitting any more, we are getting involved and watching.

The forum was recorded, so if anyone would like a copy, please let me know.

You then can have an idea of who might be representing us at the state level and let the voting members know how you feel one way or the other of who you think would best represent our county.

Rick Barnes

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justthefacts 6 years, 1 month ago

Fact: Rick Barnes did a good job of misrepresenting Moffat County at the Steamboat forum.

Fact: Those that attended now have proof ( at least in their mind ) that Moffat County residents are not on top of it.

Fact: Some of the questions Rick posed were not even pertinent to the process that he wants to be a part of but can't.

Fact: The Facts were there but not counted by MR. Barnes?????

Fact: The Tea Party forum last night was a Tea Party recrutment meeting vs. a forum.

Fact: No Tea Pary members at the candidate table last night!!! Where are they all at???????

Fact: I didn't buy. Have a meeting with Mr. Barnes telling us OF ALL THE wonderful things he is doing or Have a forum!!!!!!! NOT BOTH!!!!

Fact: Rick Barnes should involve himself in things where he can vote!!!!

Fact: Rick Barnes can vote for School board Members, and for Fire district Board Members.

Fact: Rick can not vote for City council or Republican State Party officals!!!! ( Sorry Ricky)

Fact: The Schools are not doing a very good job and the Fire District misrepresented the money they needed for equipment in an effort to save money for a training center that the voters have rejected twice.

Fact: No Rick Barnes when he can have a say!!!!

Just The trickey rickey Facts


dogfan 6 years, 1 month ago

Mr Facts, Here you go again typing in your infinite wisdom. Why don't you run for office and put that wisdom to use instead of putting it up here.


wellwell 6 years, 1 month ago


So tired of your drivel.

The forum for the city council last night was set up for the community to know the candidates for the upcoming city elections. I think this a very concerned group to put forth the oppurtunity to the citizen to be informed to be able to vote. Just as important it is a oppurtunity for the candidates to present themselves to the public.

As in other public meetings the sponsoring entity does seek membership and donations. Rick reported the activity of his activity in the Republican Party, his views and desire for the public to be come active. The start of the meeting was to convey to the members and public of the upcoming events. These totaled about 20 mins of the two hours and possibly boring if you came to see the forum, but so are commerials!

In fact, I missed the commerial for the meeting in Steamboat, so I was not there, I guess "facts" was there?

The fact is that (this) Tea Party does not run candidates or endorse candidates.

The fire district and schools: you brought them up and did not blame anyone. "Facts" you are slipping.


taxslave 6 years, 1 month ago

Yo Rick, All the new so called freedom loving Tea Party members in con-gress just voted to extend the patriot act....which they said they would not do.

Lies, lies, all of you are liars.

That's why the Lord warned us to trust no man and that includes you and the lying tea party.


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