Craig City Council praises changes at Whittle the Wood


In other action ...

At its regular Tuesday meeting, the Craig City Council:

• Approved, 7-0, the renewal and change of corporate structure for Thunder Rolls Bowling Center in Craig.

• Tabled a request by Jeff Knights and Joe Herod to consider an ordinance licensing pawn shops at the city level.

• Awarded, 7-0, a bid for three V-style snowplows for various city departments.

• Approved, 7-0, a request to purchase snowplows and sanders for new dump trucks at the Road and Bridge department.

Toward the end of Tuesday’s city council meeting, the individual councilors took time during their reports to praise this year’s major changes to the Whittle the Wood Rendezvous, which was held earlier this month.

Those changes included: prohibiting event-goers from bringing their own alcohol and selling beer and cocktails onsite; and rearranging the layout of artists so they appeared in a single row.

Councilor Joe Bird said the decision to manage alcohol consumption was balanced and wise.

“I think it was probably one of the better things to do,” Bird said. “It kept families with kids there longer than what I’ve seen in the past.”

Councilor Gene Bilodeau agreed, but said he caught some grief from constituents.

“I took some good-natured ribbing that the city took that stance on the open containers and the alcohol,” he said. “I took the ribbing when I was actually in the beer garden dispensing beer.

“But, I didn’t hear any real complaints, it was just good-natured ribbing. I think it was a wise choice.”

Councilor Byron Willems add-

ressed Parks and Recreation Director Dave Pike about a perceived drop in attendance at this year’s event.

“I heard attendance was down, but, if it was down, it looked great to me. Was it down?” asked Willems.

Pike said attendance may have appeared to be down due to the event’s restructured layout.

“We allowed for a lot more people to be in the park, so we didn’t have as much clutter,” he said.

Willems said he appreciated this year’s layout.

“I really liked the way you set up the carvers this year,” he said. “It was easy to walk through and see the whole thing….It was impressive to see them all side by side, and I think they liked it, too.”

In his report, Mayor Terry Carwhile addressed Pike and the Parks and Recreation staff regarding the event’s changes.

“Given the magnitude of the organizational shift we had to do at the park this year with putting the carvers somewhere else and re-organizing the liquor from the ground up, you guys did an amazing, fantastic job,” he said.

Willems offers statement

During his report, Willems offered a statement regarding his report from two weeks ago on the topic of medical marijuana dispensaries.

“I reported on a meeting I attended in Steamboat Springs on medical marijuana,” Willems said. “I used their numbers from their meeting, and I didn’t check their numbers. Their numbers are possibly a little skewed on how they acquired them, I don’t really know.

“You can do research and make the numbers show kind of what you want to make them show, so possibly they weren’t exactly correct, and if they weren’t I stand corrected.

“I just relayed what was given to me.

“As you know, I caught some serious criticism from our not-so-daily paper, but I wanted to say I will continue to report on any meeting I attend that might affect any of our citizens in Craig.”

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justthefacts 5 years, 10 months ago

Byron Willems showing up for a meeting; NOW THAT IS NEWS!!!

Byron Willems showing up for two meetings; ( one in Steamboat Springs and one in Craig) A Miracle!!!!!

Byron Willems stoping his prentending to represent the citizens on City Council and the Fire board; PRICELESS!!!

For the rest of us, we just have to keep working to collect our check and City Insurance!!!

Just The working person's blues Facts


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