Editorial: New Whittle policy a wise move


Craig Editorial Board, Jan. to March 2012

  • Al Cashion, community representative
  • Jeff Pleasant, community representative
  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Chris Nichols, community representative
  • Josh Roberts, newspaper representative

Our View

When it comes to events in Craig and Moffat County, they don’t get much bigger than the annual Whittle the Wood Rendezvous, our community’s signature summer offering. However, it only remains viable if it’s family friendly. The decision by organizers to prevent visitors from bringing their own alcohol was the right call in keeping the event clean and safe.

A recent decision by organizers of the Whittle the Wood Rendezvous — the biggest and most important event in Craig and Moffat County — can go a long way toward ensuring the annual summer event remains a viable offering for local and out-of-town families.

Organizers recently announced that visitors to the 12th annual Whittle the Wood would not be allowed to bring their own alcohol, a change in policy from recent years.

Organizers said the decision was made because an event in Snowmass Village created a stir with the state’s open container laws and it was best to avoid a similar situation here.

Prompted by the law or not, the decision to limit alcohol to concessions was a wise one, the Editorial Board contends. As organizer Dave Pike told the Craig Daily Press last week, the event can now be a “little bit better controlled.”

Although Pike said there have been few incidents of people being asked to leave Whittle the Wood in previous years, there remains nonetheless some families who steer clear of the event later in the day as the spirits flow more freely and the event becomes more rowdy.

Our community doesn’t need that kind of label.

Whittle the Wood should be a big attraction that not only provides a fun offering for the community, but also a boost in outside dollars coming in.

Don’t get us wrong — as it stands now, organizers do an admirable job of providing a decent environment. And, it shouldn’t be left to them to police behavior, anyway — people should police their own behavior.

Sadly, for some, this doesn’t always happen.

At any rate, limiting the amount of outside alcohol being brought in was a wise decision, and perhaps will keep more families at the event to enjoy what has become Craig and Moffat County’s highlight of the summer.

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wellwell 5 years, 9 months ago

Though I thought that the compliants from the attendees started the action to the restrictions on alcohol, the move to a designated area for serving alcoholic beverages was a good action. I believe, and hope, that all the audience is well pleased with the availablity to their beverage of taste and desire, plus to their standard of listening please in the audience.


David Moore 5 years, 9 months ago

While I agree this is a great move, I am concerned that those who want to enjoy a beverage will be taken to the cleaners on the price of the alcohol. At about .25 cents a glass or cup, beer should never be $5.00 each, as I have seen at local concerts in other cities. Overcharging and gouging the public because hey, you wanna drink, you gotta pay, is flat wrong. Keep prices nominal and this will be a good thing, gouge people and they will sneak it in, go back and forth to cars or some other form of getting what they want without paying through the nose for it. I am in full support of this effort and think it will make the concert much more enjoyable by everyone, all I am asking is that the vendors of the alcohol think about their pricing before coming. I would pay $2.00 for a crappy Bud, but no more.


valleylocal 5 years, 9 months ago

DavidMoore, Please keep in mind that vendors selling beer/liquor are required to purchase liquor liability insurance, and other overhead costs are involved that the average patron doesn't realize. I believe this years vendor is charging $3 for Bud/Bud Light and $4 for Bluemoon, but don't 'quote' me on this. Your estimate of $.25 a cup is way off. I hope this clarifies some misconceptions.


David Moore 5 years, 9 months ago

Yeah, guess I didnn't realize about the other costs. If those are the prices, I think that is reasonable. I have been to music festivals where beer is upwards of $7.00 each, which is a ripoff no matter what they have to pay.


Ray Cartwright 5 years, 9 months ago

$3 & $4 per glass seems to be a good price. I for one don't mind paying that as both the Parrotheads and the Lions club are turning that moneys around in the community for good causes.


wellwell 5 years, 9 months ago

I agree with all that understand to agree! Now let's have fun!! All in agreement say "Parrrrttttyyyy!!!!


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