Michelle Duncan: Thankful for great help


To the editor:

I hope the residents of Craig and Moffat County realize how lucky they are to have the excellent EMTs, emergency room staff, fire/rescue personnel, deputies, and state troopers that they do.

Two weeks ago, my mother had the misfortune of sliding off the road and was helped by the abovementioned teams.

Everyone made a difficult situation easier while I drove down from Savery, Wyo., not knowing what shape Mom was in.

While I have worked with The Memorial Hospital staff in a professional capacity, it is quite different when it is personal.

Thank you to the EMTs who transported Mom, Craig Fire/Rescue who helped her up the embankment, Dr. Papenfus and Dave in the ER who cleared and released her, and everyone else who helped out.

However, the towing company was horrid. He was rude, absolutely unreasonable, and demanded $470 cash before he would take the vehicle to the body shop.

Why did he charge this? Our insurance agent attempted to intervene to no change in the demand.

Apparently having Wyoming plates was the sole reason. We spend quite a bit of time and money in Craig, as it is the closest large town to the Little Snake River Valley.

As a whole, customer service is above reproach. Not in this case, however.

The next time we need something towed, we will most certainly wait for someone from Steamboat Springs.

So, Craig and Moffat County, be very glad that your law enforcement, health care and safety services are so effective and personable while maintaining a high level of professionalism, integrity, and knowledge.

Just be careful who you choose to tow your vehicle.

Michelle Duncan

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jake gray 6 years, 3 months ago

The unfortunate problem is the tow company responded on behalf of the Colorado State Patrol's rotation list. The State Patrol by law (that they wrote) is supposed to control these tow company's, rates, safety records, employee records, truck records, ect. (witch they don't) and when they have a good company on there list, they do nothing to keep them there. In past experience's when a vehicle is involved in a crash that has no insurance and the customer doesnt pay, the State Patrol is to fill out paperwork in 30 to 60 days so the tow company can dispose of the vehicle. (the problem) they wont do it and that vehicle and many more sit in the impound yard costing the tow company hundereds of dollars they will never see. Thats the reason for outlandish tow bills to the paying customers so the tow company can re-coup there loss. The rate of $470.00 sounds way out of line, a typical tow bill for a crash should average between $150.00 and $250.00 but that depends on the circumstances of the wreck. You can and should file a complaint with PUC in Denver, they can also explain the set rates for all tow company's in the mountain region.


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