E.V. Peterson: ‘Irresponsible’ city


To the editor:

This is regarding Craig, the city of no sidewalks.

I, like Ms. Rohrich, am gravely concerned that our school children have to walk to school on the streets.

I observe, on a daily basis, children, joggers, walkers, etc., struggling to use streets that have no sidewalks to get around on.

I have lived in many communities, some smaller, some larger than Craig. All of them have sidewalk ordinances, except Craig.

Why is there no concern for the safety of our pedestrians?

Why are there no sidewalks required in this city?

It is a travesty that there is such a lack of concern for the safety of our walking residents.

One of these days, a child is going to be killed and I hope the parents sue the pants off of, not only the driver, but the irresponsible city of Craig!

E.V. Peterson

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als362 6 years, 3 months ago

Even in the places where there are sidewalks, very few that get cleared of snow. This also forces people to walk in the street.
I want to hear how much moaning there will be when someone's child gets hit by a car on the way to school or the bus because a property owner was too lazy to clear the sidewalks on their property. Don't say it can't happen we just had a local death because that person was walking in the street. It is past time for the City of Craig to require all sidewalks cleared of snow, if there is a law of that nature in effect, then it needs to be enforced before we need to have another funeral.


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